Friendly’s, Trimper’s, Milly’s and Ferris Wheels…

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In keeping with the rolling theme of the past couple of posts, talking hometowns (my husband’s in particular) and how our upbringing and memories there affect my writing, I’ll be covering a few more Seaford staples and how they made their way into The Delaneys of Delaware series. Although a couple of these places pop up in more than one of the books, they are highlighted in the third, and final book in the series: A Slower Lower Leap.

Friendly’s…anyone know what this is? Heard of a Friendly’s maybe? Well, it’s a real family style diner chain predominant on the Eastern seaboard where they have everything from hamburgers to sandwiches to salads to waffles and omelets, but it’s the ice cream that makes the meal. I didn’t make this one up. It’s a real place. This is where Logan and Lizzy sit and make-up over loaded waffle fries after their first major fight. If you’re ever in town, look up Friendly’s and have a sundae. Ice cream just has a way of making things all better.

Trimper’s. An Ocean City institute and very, very real. Yes, our merry couple, as well as several of the other cast and crew of The Delaneys of Delaware books seem to make it to the beach often. They do after all own their own little piece of it. However, Logan is appalled to learn that Lizzy has never ridden the carousel at Trimper’s, something which has been in existence now for over a hundred years. He quickly rectifies the situation with a date night on the beach and multiple rides on the gigantic merry go round.

But the Delaney boys usually skip the Ferris wheel…

I’m sure past readers of The Delaneys of Delaware books will recognize the significance of the Ferris wheel and its reference. It seems this carnival ride is mentioned in all three books and for good reason. Several babies have been conceived to various Delaney family members starting with Sean to Nana Delaney after riding a Ferris wheel. Being as the Delaney boys are so sexually active they tend to avoid this ride if at all possible…Logan is no exception…until one night…

Milly’s. Real or imagined based on something real?

Real! My mother-in-law introduced me to Milly’s Road House some years back. And they just happen to have some of the best crab balls around. In the books our heroes always seem to end up in Milly’s at some point or other for a drink and contemplation. In real life, Milly’s is very much the same as in the books. It’s a place where the locals go to hang out after a hard day’s work, toss back a cold one, and hash the day’s news with other locals. It’s the place in the tri-state area where everybody knows your name.

It’s been fun taking you on a tour of Sussex County and the surrounding area over the past few days. I hope you found something of interest, something you might like to discover for yourself the next time you visit the Eastern seaboard. I’ll now leave you with a bit of A Slower, Lower Leap…

As the carousel slowly wound down to a stuttering stop, Logan looked up at Lizzy from where he stood beside her perched side-saddle on a white horse with a golden mane sporting a few chips here and there. She imagined they’d fix the horses mars over the course of winter shut-down. 

“Again?” he asked, running his palms along the outsides of her thighs.  

“No, I think three times is enough,” she said, sliding down into the circle of his arms. “It was fun. And you were right. I was a Trimper’s virgin.” 

A warmth she never knew she’d been missing had settled over her and delved into her heart at Logan’s admission he was in love with her. While he’d not said the actual three little words in the order in which every woman craved to hear them, his way of saying it was more than enough for her. And it made it easier for her to digest the fact she felt the same way. 

“What now, sugar?” he asked, taking her hand and leading her off the ride, her head still a bit abuzz from continual round and round movement. Her legs were a bit rubbery, too. 

“Ferris wheel?” 

At that Logan chuckled, but before he could answer his phone buzzed indicating an incoming text. He pulled it from his pocket with his free hand and led her away from the crowd, scrolling with his thumb. 

“What’s so funny about the Ferris wheel?” she asked as he read and typed back expertly with that one thumb. 

“Nana says there’s some cosmic connection between riding them and babies being made,” he said, re-pocketing his phone. “Apparently my dad was conceived on a bale of hay after a Ferris wheel ride and Trey may or may not have been conceived in a similar situation. Mom can’t seem to remember if it was after the Ferris wheel or between oyster fritters and skeet ball. Either way she says a Ferris wheel was involved at some point.” 

“Are you sure your people are Irish? Because sometimes I’d swear you were a band of merry gypsies.” Lizzy pulled away and waved her arms elegantly around her head while wiggling her hips a bit. “Does Nana tell fortunes on the side?” 

“Nothing would surprise me with that woman. I’m pretty sure she can tell the future.” He grabbed her around the waist and pulled her into a possessive embrace. “Want me to find a bale of hay? What’s with all the seductress moves?” 

“Maybe I do.” Lifting her shoulders, she suppressed a smirk at the feel of his hard-on poking her in the belly. “I don’t know. Will they work? Who was the text from anyway?” 

“Mom. She said Dad and Colby fell asleep in the chair a couple hours ago. She woke them up a few minutes ago, gave Colby his bath, and put them to bed. Papa and Nana are holed up at her house and warned everyone off of bothering them. Looks like it’s me and you and we have all night.” Logan looked at her seriously with heat in his eyes. “If you want all night.” 

“Can I think about it over that funnel cake you promised?” she teased. She already knew what she wanted. For that matter so did he and if he didn’t he was as unperceptive as a person could get. She’d practically begged him for more the last time he got her off on the couch after Colby and Papa had both gone to bed. 

“Yep,” he agreed without hesitation. “Ferris wheel first though.” 


To get a first glimpse of the cover reveal in a few days, be sure to visit me and my writing partners in crime in our street team group on Facebook, Sweet Tea Mafia.

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