A Few Good Men Looking for a Few Good Wives

man standing on stage
Photo by Brett Sayles on Pexels.com

Since I’m currently working on a military romance to be released later this summer, I thought I’d recycle an old post I came up with many moons ago when I first began this career. It was appropriate then, but times have obviously changed and we now say spouses rather than automatically defer to the “wives” word, but I digress. This was my perception as I was being raised as a Marine Corps wife by a bevy of others who had come before me. Here is the original post as I wrote it nearly ten years ago in its entirety…

The few good men need a few good wives. They need them to bear the next generation of recruits, keep the home fires burning, and make sure they leave for battle with all their gear intact. It’s my express opinion the following ad should be posted in every paper within fifty miles of any place a Marine is posted. This way all the young ladies know what they’re getting into before answering the call to duty.

Wanted: A Few Good Wives

Position: Lifelong Mate to USMC

Job Description: Support your Marine while defending the home front, bolstering up your peers, raise the next generation of recruits nearly single-handedly, keep an orderly household, and maintain a career of your own.

KSA (that’s marine speak of knowledge, skills, and abilities): Must possess a degree or equivalent experience in the following: accounting, business administration, economics, nursing, home economics, business economics, psychology, sociology, culinary arts, interior design, logistics, political science, Marine Corps history, Marine Corps etiquette, fashion, topography, pet grooming, domestic engineering, real estate law in all 50 states, navigation, world geography, speak several languages to include Marine Corps, public relations, driver’s license-CDL optional-international possible, small appliance repair, botany, US history, communications-written and verbal, public law in all 50 states ( you cannot drive 75 on all major US highways), mixology, certified in one-hundred uses of gray masking tape, zip ties and 550 cord, and early childhood development. Other KSA as directed or the need arises.

Pay and Benefits: $0.00 per hour. Medical, dental, life insurance, travel expenses, love of one good man and warm fuzzy from doing your part to ensure national security. (Oh yeah, the occasional ‘thanks for putting up with this shit for so long’ certificate.)

To Apply: Go to nearest military town, locate the nearest watering hole, shake your groove thang.

Do you have what it takes?

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