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Photo by Giallo on Pexels.com

I’ve taken to checking the National Day Calendar lately just to see what pops up. For gravy sake, you surely do not know what might pop up over there! Today’s find for some reason sparked a memory, and I thought…why not! Today, June 19, is National Watch Day. No, not as it watching something. As in, watches, an accessory I’m seeing people utilize less and less in the age of technology. Well, let me back that up. I see less and less actually no kidding watches, and the not-digital kind are seen on people’s wrists even less. Fitbits seems to be all the craze, but I personally don’t see that as a legitimate watch in the watchly sense. Know what I mean? A watch, in my mind, is a device that tells you the time, nothing more nothing less. It fits on your wrist, has a glass crystal under which three tiny hands move around and around keeping track of the hours as they meander by until the watch winds down and stops. Then you have to “wind it up” with the crown so the three hands, hour, minute, and second, can go around and around for a few more days.

I wonder how many people under forty or so can even read a traditional watch? Do they even teach time telling in school anymore?

I myself learned to tell time on an old Fisher Price tick-tock clock. It was wooden and shaped like a school house and played a lively tune when you wound it up. I loved that thing! My sister learned to tell time on the same old wooded clock and I believe it may still be in the toy box at my parents’ house.

I’m not sure how old I was when I received my first watch as a gift. That used to be a thing, in case you weren’t aware, giving a nice watch as a gift. It was normally given on a milestone birthday or some other special occasion, such as graduation or retirement, and it was a big deal! I do, however, remember the first watch I was gifted by a boy. I was seventeen years old and the Swatch was all the rage. Anyone else remember those? I don’t even remember now why they were all the rage, but I wanted one and but badly. My beau at the time knew I was salivating at the bit over those stupid over-priced pieces of plastic and produced one for Christmas for me that year. It was a purplish-pinkish color. I was in love! With the watch, not so much the boy.

Since then, watches have come and watches have gone. All but one has been traditional with the crown to wind it and the three tiny hands encased within. The digital one came from my husband because it’s my exercise watch which has so many bells and whistles, I don’t know what they all do. Today, the only traditional watch I own lies on my bureau with a busted crown and a missing pin. It’s a beauty, copper in color with a wide intricately designed band. It needs to go in the trash and I have no idea why I’m holding on to it. Nostalgia perhaps? The need to have something as simple as an accessory which serves its function quietly and with purpose around to remind me that not everything needs to come complete with a coffee maker attached and cost in the hundreds? I don’t know. I do know this…I need to make a trip to Belk as soon as possible and invest in a new one. Maybe today is a good day.

How did you learn to tell time? Do you have a traditional watch about? Ever been given the gift of a time telling accessory?

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