Play-Doh: Not Just for Kids

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Who knew there was a National Play-Doh Day? I’ve been quite intrigued as of late as to what “national day of” day might pop up next, so I’ve taken to investigating them every so often. It never ceases to amaze me what’s listed on the day of calendar. Take today, for instance. I’d have never guessed Play-Doh would have its time in the sun.

When I was a kid, Play-Doh was one of my most favorite things to play with. I could be occupied for quite some time making critters that mostly resembled globs more than anything else out of that soft, squishy dough with the distinct smell. Can anyone actually describe the smell of Play-Doh? I know I can’t put my finger on it. I don’t mind the smell so much, but I know some people who can’t stand it and at least a couple of people who actually gag at the mere whiff of it coming out of the can as soon as the lid is cracked.

Back then, many, many, many moons ago, Play-Doh came in four basic colors: red, white, blue, and yellow, which were the original colors released in the 1950s. Prior to 1950, there was only one color: white. And, Play-Doh wasn’t even a kid’s toy then. Prior to the 1950s, Play-Doh was a household product used for cleaning walls that was accidentally contrived in the 1930s. Since its conception, Play-Doh has morphed from its humble beginnings as a one-color household cleaner to an every-color-imaginable plaything with accessories and play-sets innumerable. For some interesting fast-facts about Play-Doh see this article on Mental Floss.

Now that I’m an adult, not only do I still not mind the smell of it (I actually really dig it), I keep a few cans around. Without a kid in sight in my house, most might think me juvenile to keep such a thing around, and maybe I am because I do still tinker with it just for fun. BUT, as an adult with a big heaping pile of stress to deal with and a case of carpal tunnel, I find the stuff therapeutic in a myriad of ways. It helps relieve both stress and is a healthy exercise for my wrists when they get achy and tired. That being said, one of my characters, young Lucy Wayland, from my WIP Recoil, isn’t as fond of it as I…

From Recoil, Book 2, S3 Series…

Easing a steady breath out across the nails Lucy had just painted Lovely Leprechaun, because it reminded her of her beloved dill pickles, Cord made his way through the minefield of toys littering the floor. He bypassed the KidKraft Uptown Kitchen, the pink electric Jeep, several abandoned dollies, and the craft table which had come complete with real clay because Lucy apparently not only hated Play Doh, but loathed it. She was nothing less than a lady about the matter up front and expressed her thanks for the gift of the Play Doh when Simon came carrying a deluxe set of it which he’d presented like a rare gem. Once Simon was gone, she’d informed Cord she’d not be playing with it citing that crap stunk to high heaven and was gross. One phone call later and Dillon came with the replacement real clay, the stand, and several cookie cutter and sculpting type accessories to go along with it. So far there were two horses which passed more closely for goblins drying on the little table.

Anyone else in the crowd a big Play-Doh fan like me? Or are you a Lucy?


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