Saturday Shorts

I thought I’d try something new here. With NaNo fast approaching, in my prepping for the big event to begin, I realized I have a lot of short fiction and flash fiction squirreled away. I hope you enjoy these little nuggets as I begin to roll them out on Saturday mornings. Oh! Welcome and thank you to all the new folks following the blog. Your presence is noted and appreciated. And, now, without further ado…

Friendmoon for Two

“I love you.”

Chloe’s eyes grew wide and before AJ could stop her, she turned and bolted away from him, sand flying up behind her feet. He couldn’t possibly mean it. They’d been best friends since fourth grade. He’d been the one she told when she got her first period, not her girlfriends. In fact, he’d gone to the drug store with her to buy tampons. He’d been the first to know when she lost her virginity and the first to know when she’d fallen in love with Chad. Chad, that ass.

He was the reason she was in Barbados with AJ to begin with. After he’d ditched her at the altar and left her with a church full of guests, an eight-hundred-dollar cake, a reception dinner for five hundred, and two tickets to paradise, AJ had been the one to collect her, her bags, and her ego off the floor and driven her to LAX. Then on a whim, he’d boarded the plane with her.

It’d been a wonderful week filled with cold beer, candy, and French fries. AJ had rubbed her feet, paid for the masseuse to rub the rest of her, and held her when she cried all night. Now he had to go and ruin everything. He loved her? No, he didn’t. He couldn’t. If he loved her, what would she do for a best friend now?

Confusions swamped her and she ducked into the nearest beach-side shower, sticking her head under the lukewarm stream, closing her eyes, and hoping for clarity.

“Chloe, look at me,” AJ said, clearly having ducked into the shower right behind her. He took her head in his hands. “Open your eyes.”

“No. If I look at you…”

“You might say it, too?”

“Why would I do that?” she demanded, twisting, trying to escape the heat she’d always known was in his eyes each time he looked at her.

“You tell me.”

With hot tears pricking at the corners of her eyes, Chloe relented and accepted what she’d always known to be true.

“Because I do. I do love you.” She opened her eyes and her world stilled as the heat she’d always knows was in his eyes reached out and touched her. And this time she allowed it to. “I love you, too, AJ.”

“Then marry me.”



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