Happy #NationalChocolateDay (giveaway info within…)

shoe decor on plate
Photo by Derick Santos on Pexels.com

I tell y’all true, if I wasn’t over here drooling, I’d be writing a quirky little ditty in honor of my absolute weakness. I can honestly say, with the greatest of abandon and without shame, I am a total chocoholic. If it’s chocolatey, I’m all over it. I would probably eat a chocolate covered shoe. (Okay, maybe I wouldn’t go that far…um, yeah, I kind of might…)

A couple of weeks ago, I was out for Ladies’ Night up on Main Street here in my tiny mountain town. There were all sorts of bargains and deals going on all up and down the street geared toward the ladies. And the ladies were out in full force taking advantage. Discounts at nearly every store lured one in. But! Where do you think I spent most of my money? Baxley’s Chocolates. They have the most luscious lavender truffle you will ever have the privilege of allowing past your lips. I swear it! Simply foodgasmic. I sat on a bench on the sidewalk savoring that treat and I’m pretty sure an obscene noise or two escaped me. And, yes, you can order online from their fine establishment. I highly recommend it!

Now I’m all aflush just thinking on that damn truffle again.

Today is National Chocolate Day, friends. As soon as this goes to post, I’m hurrying off to Baxley’s for a truffle, or two, or six, or nine…

Whilst I’m away, come by my Facebook page HERE. I’m hosting a chocolatey good giveaway. It involves a gift card for some fine sweets…Tell a friend, or two, or six, or nine…

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