WWBC Hosted by LASR: Earliest Memory


Happy Wednesday, y’all! And welcome to the Weekly Wednesday Blog Challenge hosted by the fine ladies over at Long and Short Reviews. I can remember way back in the day, Long and Short Reviews was one of the first sites I made friends with. In fact, I had a short story posted for some months with them back in 2011, I believe it was, through their free short story program they offer authors. I have that thing tucked away somewhere around here and I may just share it with y’all at some point. LASR has been in business over ten years. If you write romantic fiction with an HEA, you should check them out!

This week’s topic for the blog challenge was: earliest memory.

Red carpet.

Many people don’t proclaim to be able to conjure a first memory earlier than when they were a toddler or later. My earliest memory is from before I was two years old. Before that time, my mom and dad and I lived in a small trailer in town, ten miles from my grandparents. When Mom found out she was going to have a baby when I was about eighteen months old, they knew we weren’t all going to squeeze into the 10 x 50 place we were in at the time. Heck, it was barely big enough for three. So, my grandparents gifted my parents an acre of land next door to them and a new, larger trailer, was set there.

I don’t remember seeing the new home until we moved in and I don’t remember moving. I don’t remember the lot being prepped, but Mom tells me I wore out a pair of tiny tennis shoes about every two weeks toddling along after her and Dad around what was to be the yard while they cleared the land. What I do remember is red carpet.

I remember very vividly going to the local carpet store and choosing the carpet I wanted for my new bedroom. You see, back then, as I’m told, it was pretty common for house trailers to come with bare floors, as in plywood. You’d then go to the carpet store and order what you wanted to finish the flooring. I remember Mom asking me several times if I was sure the carpet I chose what exactly what I wanted, and I assured her it was. A few days later, I remember the carpet being laid and afterward the first visitors to our new home came by. I took my elder grandfather by the hand and walked him down the narrow hallway to show him my new room with a smile a mile wide on my face, and pointing out the red carpet I’d chosen all by myself.

I can’t remember if that carpet was still in my room when we upgraded to a modular home many years later, but that red carpet will forever live in my memory, as bright and cheery now as it was then.

Thanks for coming by today, and for more earliest memories, go by the LASR blog where you’ll find a host of links to other authors participating.

19 thoughts on “WWBC Hosted by LASR: Earliest Memory

    1. Hi Patrick! Thanks for stopping by. 🙂 While red is still one of my favs, I’ve found over the years I just love a lot of color. We’ve only been in our current home a couple of years and I’ve already painted a couple of rooms twice. I’m so excited every fall when the colors of the year are announced.


  1. Marianne

    I think kids are so much braver than adults … they just don’t care about what anyone thinks. Ask any small child to choose a color to paint their room, and I guarantee it won’t be subtle (I choose hot pink for mine). You know what you like! I’m glad your parents let you choose.

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    1. I turned 50 this year and my word to live by was fearless. I’ve spent the year recapturing some of that kid-like fearlessness when it comes to my personal space and my choices. It’s been so freeing! Thanks for stopping in. 🙂


    1. It was a joy living next to my grandparents. Grandma was the person who put us on the school bus and met us after school, and always had a great snack ready. All my grands are far away, also. With a husband who spent 30 years in the military, we’ve lived all over thus we’re scattered to the winds a bit. That’s what RVs are for!


      1. Mine also had a dark orange counter top. Fascinated the heck out of me as a kid because I’d never seen anything like that before. I think their house was built in the 40’s or 50’s and that was the thing.

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      2. Oh, I love that! The house we currently own was built in 1954 and it’s still 1954 in my bathrooms. One is the pea green tile and one is the powder blue. The kitchen still has the green Formica. Eventually we’ll be doing remodeling to update, but for now I’m living in a piece of history.


    1. Thank you, Michael! I’ve been on sabbatical from writing for a while and just getting back into things. I used to utilize LASR and Goddess Fish quite a bit and am so happy to be back around. Being on the hop this week has been a delight!


  2. My earliest memory was when I was the Thanksgiving before I turned four. My mom was pregnant. We had to stay at home instead of traveling to see my grandparents. I remember how we set up the table in the living room. My mom had my sister the next day, and I remember when she brought her home. She laid my sister on the double bed in the front bedroom and I hopped up on it.


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