Flashpoint, Coming December 19

FlashPoint Cover _ Silver textTwo Marines, both on the cusp of attaining the rank of Major. One left willingly; one was forced out. Two companies, both built from the ground up for a common purpose. One is above board; one is off the books. Ten years ago, their worlds met. Now, only one will survive the aftermath.

Chase Wayland isn’t looking for a relationship status. In fact, any type of agreement past weekend lover is even a stretch. A former Marine Raider, he now owns his own security firm and is interested in only one thing: keeping his clients safe. He has a failed marriage under his belt and trust isn’t in his vocabulary. In his mind, no amount of restitution can fix that. There’s only one way in Chase’s world and that’s his way whether anyone, including his current client, agrees or not.

Kyle Montgomery’s life was seemingly perfect. Heavily recruited fresh from the Naval Academy, he’d been working black ops for the Marine Corps for six years. He was on the fast track to bigger and better things, had all the right people vetting him, and he’d married the woman of his dreams. Then, with the Middle East in turmoil, Kyle was sent on a mission which would change the course of his life forever. Absolution will be hard coming.

Restitution and Absolution, the Flashpoint from which a series is born.

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