My Top Ten Romance Author Picks, 2019

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I’m a voracious reader. I mean voracious, y’all! In fact, I truly don’t understand other writers I run across who tell me they don’t read. What?! It seems unfathomable to me a writer wouldn’t also be an avid reader and no matter how busy carve out time each day for this activity. Nonetheless. I digress.

This year I read in excess of a hundred titles. I probably DNF twice that. Along with being voracious, I’m also extremely picky. So, if someone makes my auto-buy list or my top ten of the year list, that says a lot. A lot! Bonus points if you caught my attention with a military title or series. I’m wife to a 30-year veteran of the USMC. I can pick the dickens out of a military title in a heartbeat because I truly understand what is realistic and what is passable deviations from that life. While I do read mainstream fiction in a variety of genres, my genre of choice is romance or women’s fiction, preferably a nice combination of the two in one. You’ll find my list this year is romance heavy and varies wildly, spanning the romance genres from cowboys to military to suspense to erotic.

Without further ado, here are my top ten picks for romance reads for 2019. These are in no particular order of preference. These ladies are all number one picks in my book and are experts at their craft in their respective sub-genre.

Piper J. Drake. This lady is a bestselling author in the romance suspense and edgy contemporary realm. Her True Heroes series absolutely rocks! Her knowledge of military working dogs is amazing and truly makes her stories shine head and shoulders above others I’ve read. Thank you, Piper, for your diligent research and outstanding character development.

Vicki Lewis Thompson. I’ve been reading Vicki for a good long while, but this year I delved into her McGavin Brothers series. I’m six titles in and totally in love with Eagles Nest, Montana and the sizzling cowboys who live and love there. I’m a sucker for a cowboy and the McGavins have me pulled in deep. So far, my favorite McGavin is Bryce from book 4, A Cowboy’s Heart. If you love cowboys, check out Vicki Lewis Thompson.

Janie Crouch. Janie has been around in the romance world for many years, but it wasn’t until earlier this year I discovered her. While she has many titles out with Harlequin, it’s her Linear Tactical series that has me hooked. I’ve read them all so far, and have the newest one coming out already on pre-order. My favorite to date? Shamrock. Aiden has the biggest heart and is completely selfless when it comes to courting Violet. This one is definitely swoon-worthy.

Barbara Freethy. The Callaways. Family saga meets contemporary romance meets suspense/thriller. These books have it all. I’m also enamored with the Seven Brides books she’s been collaborating on with a host of other authors.

Cherise Sinclair. A select few do for erotic BDSM what Cherise does. A very select few. Hands down, Cherise is one of the best in the business. I’ve been reading her for years and this year re-read the entire Masters of the Shadowlands series and the Mountain Masters and Dark Haven series. While these books depict very vividly the lifestyle and all its hotness, there are solid story lines which dominate (see what I did there?).

Jennifer Bernard. Who likes firefighters, smoke jumpers in particular? Oh. My. Gravy! Jennifer’s firemen are absolutely, well, on fire. Clearly, she’s done her research and make the lives of these brave men jump of the page with her realistic depictions of fighting fire while not making it sound like a Fire 101 primer. And she manages all that with a healthy dose of humor. Love, love, love her Jupiter Point series. I will be checking out in 2020 her erotic romance series, The Receptionist, she writes under Juniper Bell. Cannot wait to get started!

Claudia Connor. Claudia came to my e-reader by way of a recommend from my bestie. I now highly recommend her to each of you. One of the best authors I’ve read in a long, long time. The McKinney Brothers and The Walker Brothers. These are some of the most heart-wrenching, emotional contemporary romance stories I have ever had the pleasure of reading. They are definitely re-read worthy. I am waiting, not so patiently, for a new title to emerge from her writing cave. Dear Santa…

Robyn Carr. Need I say more? Virgin River will live on in infamy and those books will remain on my shelves until I draw my last breath.

Jenna Sutton. A new to me author this year. The Riley O’Brien & Co. series is simply delightful. Fresh contemporary reads that leave you with a warm fuzzy. I haven’t yet started the spin-off series, Trinity Distillery, because it’s in the early stages of being released and I know once I start, I’ll go crazy waiting for another title.

Jennifer Apodaca. She writes Marines. See above. I’m picky about my Marine romances. I’m married to one. I know them inside and out. Jennifer captures the essence of what it means to bear the title Devil Dog. Her Once a Marine series gets it right and I believe Her Temporary Hero is my favorite. She also writes as Jennifer Lyon, but I’ve not perused those titles yet.

So, there you have it. My top ten picks for romance authors for 2019! What are some of your favorite reads and authors this year?

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