Top Ten Gifts for People Who Love Bourbon

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Welcome to this week’s WWBC hosted by LASR! This week’s topic of discussion, top ten gift recommendations.

We have friends who simply love bourbon and all the art of tasting and savoring it entails. They’ve been traveling the Kentucky Bourbon Trail for some years now and find the coolest places to try whiskey flights no matter where they roam. Over the years, I’ve found some pretty cool gifts for the bourbon lover. Here’s my top ten list of gifts appropriate for the bourbon lover in your life, in no particular order…

Whiskey stones. These jewels are made of soapstone. They’re non-porous, odorless, and tasteless. They won’t dilute your bourbon nor contaminate the experience. They also retain cold longer than ice. These are a win!

Bourbon flavored food items. I’ve found some of the bourbon chocolates to be bitter and disgusting, but if you’re willing to go high-end here and lay out some substantial cabbage, you can find some absolute divine bourbon flavored candies, coffees, sauces, maple syrup, and marinades.

Personal Label Decanter Set. This is a decanter and four tumblers, typically, on which you can have engraved a whiskey label depicting your recipients name or other significant wording making it their own label. I’ve seen some absolutely gorgeous ones! Many come with a gold rim and the glassware is often beveled.

Flask. I think this gift is most often associated with a man in a suit, or a uniform. I am married to a Marine and am pretty familiar with the lapel pocket method of concealment. However, I have known several ladies in my day who toted one in their pocketbook. (In fact, Nana Delaney in my Delaneys of Delaware series is infamous for carrying a flask everywhere she goes so she can spike her tea or coffee at will.) You can have these babies personalized with initials, too, making it a bit more intimate of a gift.

Personalized Bar Signage. If your bourbon lover has a bar area in home, signage made from reclaimed barrel wood makes a great gift. Often vintage in nature, you can have them printed with quirky sayings, the recipients name, or bourbon trivia. You could even have the cool name of their in-home bar etched on one of these. This is one of my favorite gift finds.

A Mini-Barrel. At Bluegrass Barrels and Gifts, you can have a mini-barrel personalized for your bourbon lover. They come in 1, 2, and 3-liter sizes and make a great addition to one’s sipping space.

A Flight Tray. For in-home tasting parties, everyone needs a flight tray or two. Typically holds four tasters, most often included with the purchase. The tray itself is normally constructed of reclaimed barrel wood. Very cool gift! Particularly for someone who knows their bourbons and wants to share the knowledge with a friend or two.

Recipe Book. It can be a drink recipe book for those who are more adventurous with their bourbon than either on the rocks or neat, or it can be for dishes containing bourbon as an ingredient. Who doesn’t love a good chocolate bourbon pecan pie around the holidays?

The Orvis Leather Bound Whiskey Books. This is the bible of bourbons; where to find them worldwide. For the traveling bourbon lover in your life. This is a must.

A Bottle of Bourbon. Find out what label your bourbon lover loves and buy them a bottle of the current year reserve or special run. You can’t go wrong with gifting the bourbon lover what they love…bourbon.

Thanks for stopping by today! Be sure to drop by LASR and check out the top ten gift lists the other writers have left for you today on their blogs. See you for more Wednesday Weekly in the New Year!


16 thoughts on “Top Ten Gifts for People Who Love Bourbon

  1. I love the list. Never heard of whisky stones, but now am keen to find some. I was gifted a 1935 drink recipe book, bar book, last year and I love it. I never knew what a Peach Blow Fizz was and now I know how to make one! Great list!


  2. Hi, Dixie! Here in Kentucky, bourbon is a booming business. Distilleries offer tours, tastings, etc. – there’s even a “Bourbon Trail” you can follow that takes you to some of the best distilleries in the area. Just for some additional bourbon gift ideas, LOLOL


    1. Hi Sara! I remember when we were moving from coast to coast in the last years of MarshFox’s military career and one of our stops for the night in our RV was near Frankfurt and the park was just down the street from a bourbon plant. Jim Beam if I recall correctly. I thought that was pretty cool and I do believe they had tour hours listed on the sign. Kentucky is such beautiful country.


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