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Greetings, y’all! We’ve been out of town for our winter vacay on Hilton Head Island and I’ve missed a couple of weeks participating in the weekly blog challenge. I’m so excited to be back! I’m also excited about today’s topic of discussion because I’ve spent a considerable amount of time mulling over how I wanted this year to go. While many people establish the standard New Year’s resolution, I compile a list of goals each year. Full disclosure. This year’s list reads more like a bucket list for the ages than a list of goals for one year. And I have a feeling that’s actually what it’s morphing into by the day. One of the things which spurred this list on this year was the realization that the words busy and productive are not interchangeable. More on that at a later date. I’m still compiling my thoughts on that realization.

So, time to get down to the business end of this thing. This week’s topic…new hobby I’m trying or want to try.

Where do I even start?!

I have a header in my handy-dandy notebook entitled: New Things I Want to Try. And by the by, this list isn’t necessarily hobby driven. This list includes, but is not limited to…

Take a dulcimer lesson.

Learn piano.

Speak more Spanish than is required to order at my local restaurant or find a bathroom while in a predominately Spanish speaking community.

Learn more about ribbon embroidery. I already floss embroidery so this is just an expansion on that art.

Get my ham radio license (finally!).

Learn American Sign Language.

Take a ballroom and/or boardwalk dancing lesson.

Go to one of those popular paint and pour events. I can barely draw a stick person, but those events look like such fun.

I’ve also recently appointed myself family historian and genealogist. My research is taking me places I never dreamed of and my office looks like the archives of a mad person’s library. I want to hone my skills and my record keeping abilities. (I also need a fire-proof safe just for my historical documents.)

And, last but not least, delve deeper into my bird watching skills. MarshFox gifted me for Christmas three years ago bird watching gear as he noticed me peering out at the wildlife at our last home and then the bird feeders began to go up. Recently, we have a black heron who has migrated to our creek which I am finding a joy to watch. This has reignited my desire to sit and stare at the birds through my superbly crafted binos MarshFox included in my bird watching gear all those months ago.

This rounds out my list so far. I’m sure it’s not complete, however.

Sweet baby Jesus, it’s a good thing there are 366 days this year.



24 thoughts on “Living and Learning

  1. Marianne

    A funny about the ham radio license… Years ago, I was helping my now husband study to take his (he’d tried and failed it three times). When the day came, I went ahead and took the test just because I was there… and passed. He was so ticked! LOL… of course he passed that time (we have sequential call signs… aww…). Anyway, if I can do it, so can you.

    And dulcimer lessons?!? … That’s awesome.

    I’m here if you’d like to swing by:


    1. My hubby is also licensed! We may have to exchange call signs sometime. Yep. Dulcimer. I live not far from the Heritage Center here in the Smoky Mts and every so often they offer dulcimer lessons. I come from a long line of musician types. A lot of bluegrass branches in my tree. My sister can learn by ear about any instrument she picks up and one of my dad’s cousins used to tour with Loretta Lynn. I played clarinet, bass clarinet, and oboe in high school. I always wanted to try piano but the opportunity just never arose. And now here I am at fifty determined to learn something new and I just think the dulcimer is such a beautiful and unique instrument. Even if I only take one lesson and learn a few chords, I’ll feel very accomplished. Thanks for stopping in Marianne!


  2. Jennifer Zander Wilck

    Sounds like a fun set of things to do! Even if you don’t accomplish all of it, you’ll have a blast with what you do accomplish.


    1. I have a stack of The Great Courses lessons waiting on me. One that came in yesterday, that’s not on the list, is Tai Chi and Qigong. Hubby and I are going to delve into that together. When The Great Courses run a sale, I just kind of go wild.


    1. I agree! Hubby is an EMT working on his Paramedic certification and it’s just essential where we live. We have a large Spanish speaking population here and we know we just need to learn, no question.


  3. I LOVE this! I write a list of goals each year, too, with the same number of goals as my age, as well as a 101 in 1,001 days project I do every few years!

    Bird watching is so relaxing and I could really brush up on my Spanish skills, too. If you do go to a paint and pour, I think you’ll really like it–they make it SO easy to follow along. You’ll be amazed at what you can make!


    1. Oooohhh, I am intrigued by this 101 in 1001 project. I must make a note and work that in at some point. I’ve heard the paint and pours are very user friendly. The local studio here did some really cool projects around the holidays and I just kept thinking, you should go do that. It looks like such fun, and it seems like a great way to meet folks.


  4. This is an inspiring list! My dad’s only surviving sibling is the family genealogist and he has a lot of fun with it, too.

    As for the Spanish, check out a free app/website called Duolingo. It’s a lot of fun and teaches you a lot in a few minutes a day. I’ve been teaching myself Romanian so when I decide to flee the country no one will know where to find me. Hahaha.

    My post!


  5. You’ve got quite the list there. Good luck! I’ve been working with the tot on his Spanish skills so he’ll do better in school. I took seven years of it and can’t speak it well. Oh well. Good luck!


    1. My hubby is a certified EMT and working on his Paramedic certification and he took Spanish, so I picked up just a bit helping him study, but it’s not enough to hold a solid conversation. I’d like to learn other languages, as well, but I think Spanish is the most important right now. Good luck to the tot! My nephew is knee deep in his first year of Spanish, too.


    1. LOL I’m kind of worn out looking at it, too. I’m sure my new hobbies will take me well past this year, but I figure I aim to go out with a bang at the ripe old age of 147 and 1/2 so I have plenty of time to get good at something on this list. 😉


  6. That is an extraordinary list. So diverse. I’m almost exhausted just reading it. LOL The Genealogy could easily take over your life, but the dancing sounds wonderful. I’d love to do that. Good luck with all of it!


    1. Genealogy is addictive! I spend as many hours a week on that as I do writing. I’m working several branches of my tree at once and the files are on the verge of outgrowing the file box. I absolutely love it!


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