And The Best Couples Shout-Out Goes To…

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Welcome! I’m so glad you stopped by this week for the Wednesday Weekly Blogging Challenge sponsored by Long and Short Reviews. Be sure to stop by there and have a look at all the other participants’ posts. This week’s topic of discussion…best book/movie/TV couples. Where do I start?! Truth? I actually had to pare my list down to a reasonable length.

Some of my favorite book couples include…Ethan and Rachel Kelly from The Darkest Hour, book one of Maya Banks’ KGI series. Love, love, love these two! So much to overcome. Simply love this series. If you’ve never read Maya, please start here with the KGI crew. Anyone here every read any Janie Crouch? You must! Her Linear Tactical series absolutely rocks. Swoon-worthy heroes and strong heroines. The complete package. My favorite couple so far from this series is definitely Aiden, call sign Shamrock, and Violet from…Shamrock! Aiden is such a gentle, tortured soul and steps back when Violet needs her space in the most heartfelt way it made me cry. All. The. Feels. People. All of them! Ethan, Who Loved Carter by Ryan Loveless. Love as pure as the driven snow between Ethan and Carter. Such a beautiful story. It tugged all my heart strings and they are perfectly matched.

I have a few more movie titles than book titles. I could yammer on about books all day long, but there are several movie titles over the years that have just enamored me of the starring couples. One is actually a crossover. First I loved the couple in a book then I loved them all over again on the big screen. Noah and Allie from The Notebook. Good girl crosses the tracks and takes what she wants. Yes! The subtle buildup of heat between them is simply scorching. And speaking of scorching, three couples fall into my best on-screen sex scene ever…Inman and Ada Monroe from Cold Mountain. They wimble-wimbled all night long in one of the most sensual scenes ever. Roadhouse. Patrick Swayze? What’s not to love? When Dalton takes what he wants with Elizabeth Clay pinned to the wall…holy collards, y’all! And last but not least in the best sex scene category, from the Last of the Mohicans, Natty Bumppo and Cora Munro. Hooboy! Their scene was so subtle, you’d honestly not realize what had happened if not for the look in Cora’s eyes. It’s there. I promise y’all it is. My movie picks in the category of less sultry and more on the sweet side, Ilsa and Rick from Casablanca. I actually got to see Casablanca a few years back on the big screen during TCM’s 75th anniversary showing in select theaters. It was awesome. Other sweet picks include the couple of Up, Carl and Ellie. Such a cute couple. And what list of favorite movie couples would be complete without Mr. Darcy and Elizabeth from Pride and Prejudice. They bewitched me.

On the TV series front, I choose Dawson’s Creek: Pacey and Joey. I will be the first to admit, all the years of Joey bouncing between Pace and Dawson and people rooting for Dawson, I was secretly rooting for Pacey. He was just such a normal guy to me and Dawson was such a spoiled, self-absorbed brat. Also, on my radar are forever Fi and Michael from Burn Notice. I freely admit these two heavily inspire me when I need a visual to help me get into the heads and hearts of some of my own characters. Two spies trying to make a go of it…what could go wrong? Right?

This was a lot of fun this week, and this topic kind of brought me back center where the romance part of my suspense romance lies in my stories. I’d been needing a bit of a shove in the inspired department and revisiting some of my favorite couple surely helped.

Thanks everyone for coming by, and be sure to drop by LASR for the complete list of bloggers participating this week. I can’t wait to see everyone else’s choices for best couples.


22 thoughts on “And The Best Couples Shout-Out Goes To…

    1. Truth? My hubby and I actually watched UP by complete accident. We lived on base at the time and misread the schedule. I forget what we believed we were going to see, but were elated when we caught on that UP wasn’t in fact part of the previews and it was actually what we were going to see. We wondered why there were so many kids at what was supposed to be an R-rated showing. Best accident ever! We now own it and watch it regularly. 🙂


  1. Marianne

    Oh man, I LOVED Fi and Michael from “Burn Notice”… I despised the last season, but it definitely made a fan realize how deep their love ran there at the end when he had to make his choice. … Okay, now I’m annoyed all over again at that final season, lol… Up until then, it was one of the best shows ever.

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    1. That last season was torture! I kept thinking, when did we go off the rails here?! I actually stopped watching mid-way and it took me two more tries to get through the final season once it was streaming. I liked that the ending was so satisfying. So often series will just end without explanation and still with so many loose ends. Burn Notice ended well.


  2. Michael Mock

    That’s an amazing list! Some of it I’ve seen, some of it I haven’t (no surprise there), but quite a lot of interesting selections. (I’m particularly interested by your cheering for Pacey — while I didn’t watch this particular example, I’ve run into several series where the character introduced to play the Bad Boy was just sort of an obstreperous jerk and not very interesting at all.)

    My selections are here.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Pacey was the underdog, and while he did make quite a few mistakes, he seemed to learn from those experiences. He was never afraid to just be himself. Dawson on the other hand was just such a spoiled brat. I admitted earlier I was past the demographic age this series was targeting, but I watched it once and couldn’t stop. I still drag it out for a good binge watch every so often.


    1. It was FABULOUS! We went to the matinee and were the youngest couple there. I got up at some point to visit the ladies’ room and overheard a woman telling someone else that her husband had taken her to see Casablanca for their first date. Now 75 years later they were seeing it again on the big screen. The romanticism of that just brought happy tears to my eyes.


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