Happy Wednesday, everyone! Half-way home, so hang in there. This week’s blog challenge topic is…celebrity crushes! Thanks to Long and Short Reviews for hosting this weekly event and for the great topics they present us each week. Be sure to drop by HERE to find this week’s list of participants. Hop around a bit and give the others some lovin’.

So…here we go.

My number one celebrity crush has absolutely kept my attention for years and years for one reason. His voice. That’s not to say he doesn’t have a lot of other attractive qualities, but his voice…oh. my. gravy! Some people have a thing for muscles. Some people have a thing for hair. Some people have a thing for grins with dimples. While those things are all great in the whole composite, I have to tell y’all, the celebrity who I crush on could talk to me all day and I’d just sit and listen as if a stupefied puddle of goo. He doesn’t have an accent, per say. At least he doesn’t have one like, say, Gerard Butler. His isn’t that type of accent. His is more a regional thing rather than an entire different country thing. It brings to mind the west; a man and his horse riding the range, hat on shielding his eyes and mustache hiding a smile. It’s kind of slow and easy, like hot butter sliding off a steaming biscuit topped with a dollop of sticky, sweet honey meandering along the divots and slipping down deep into the fluffy layers of goodness. It’s a finger or two of aged bourbon neat after a long day. Yet beneath all that smoothness, is the hint of a bed of gravel rolling as if tossed along with a teeming rush of bubbling spring water. He is my Pied Piper.

He’s starred in many major motion pictures such as We Were Soldiers, Mask, Tombstone, and A Star is Born. He’s sold us trucks, beer, and beef through commercial advertisement voice overs. He gave Smokey the Bear a voice. And, most recently, he acquiesced to Lil Nas X in a dance off. The prize? A bag of Doritos.

He’s Mr. Sam Elliott, silver fox extraordinaire.

Are you a Sam fan, too? What’s your favorite movie or commercial voice over he’s done?


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