Eight From Residue #wewriwa #8sunday


Good Sunday morning, y’all! As many of y’all know, I was on sabbatical for a while from the publishing life. As such, now that I’m back, it’s been a bit of a rebuilding process with contacts and such. I was pleased as punch to find recently that the Weekend Writing Warriors were still around and decided to jump right on in. Thank you #wewriwa for the chance to reconnect.

While I was on sabbatical I wasn’t sloughing by any means. In fact, I’ve been busy, busy, busy writing. The product of that work has been a hefty start to a new romantic suspense series. Book one is currently subbed out, book two is in the soaking tank for a while before I give it a first pass on self-edits, and book three is on deck. I’m about a quarter of the way to word count on it and I think so far it’s shaking out nicely. Today, my eight come from this WIP, book three of the S3 series, Residue.  And, I thought, why not start from the start? Without further ado, the first eight of Residue.

Always the groomsman and never the groom. That was Dillon Taylor’s plight in life, he decided, as he watched Cord McAllister and Chloe Hamilton exchange I dos under the sky of the most beautiful autumn day Dillon believed he’d ever seen. Cloudless blue as far as the eye could see and the trees in a rainbow of browns, oranges, reds, and yellows. It was the perfect day for the happy couple. Flanked by himself, Alex, and Simon standing up with Cord and all of Chloe’s sisters looking quite lovely in their bridesmaids’ dresses, which actually weren’t hideous at all, Dillon believed the two actually glowed. Was that even possible? For a person to glow with love? What he did know was possible was for them to be so totally immersed in each other’s eyes they were completely oblivious that anyone else was around until the guests broke out in applause upon their first kiss as husband and wife.

Thanks, y’all, for stopping by! Be sure to go by Weekend Writing Warriors for more links to #8sunday snippets from other fabulous authors.


12 thoughts on “Eight From Residue #wewriwa #8sunday

    1. Hi Teresa! Thank you so much! Dillon and I have been developing our friendship for a long time, and he still never fails to surprise me. Looking forward to sharing more of his story, and it is GREAT to be back.


    1. Thank you so much, Veronica! Getting back in the swing of things and sharing seems to have spurred the muse and we’ll have plenty to share for the next several weeks. Yes! This makes me SO happy. 🙂


  1. Diane Burton

    I agree, great opening line. Neat twist. You carefully showed his inner thoughts, leaving us to fill in between the lines. No info dump, yet we can easily figure out his love life. Good job.

    Liked by 1 person

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