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jasper alina kevin niklas write on chalkboard
Photo by Heiner on Pexels.com

Good morning, y’all! Hope everyone had a fantastic weekend. With MarshFox having just become a full-time college student after retiring, our days, nights, and weekends are pretty full with him doing homework. He’s now a certified EMT and on his way to being a registered paramedic. Right now, math is our mortal enemy. He growls at it and I vicariously hate it for him. Whilst he’s chained to his desk fighting the monster known as quantitative equations, I’m chained to mine (they’re side by side) making glorious words. It works for us. I can reach out at any time and hold his hand. I can lean over and steal a kiss. We bolster each other that way. Occasionally our stomachs grumble and we have to seek sustenance, but overall, this is our world. I’d say this weekend was successful. He conquered his math homework and studied for a pharmacology exam and I managed a few thousand words. Not a bad haul at all!

When I began the current chapter in progress late last night, I realized the secondary character who is being set up to be the star of the next book in the series I’m working on is in love with a woman whom I have failed to name as of yet. This will not do! Upon this discovery, I decided to turn to my readers for some help with this nameless woman. And I made a wee contest out of it.

Now through tomorrow evening, there is a contest set up in the group I share with some other amazing authors, the Sweet Tea Mafia. I’m asking for ideas for a name for my character and the winning entry will win some Amazon cash to spend. Come join in the fun! You can find us HERE and the contest post is pinned to the top of the announcements. I’ll be monitoring every so often for anyone new asking to join the group and approving those requests. Can’t wait to see all the names I’m going to be able to choose from!


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