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Good morning, y’all! Welcome to this week’s WWBC hosted by LASR. I am so excited about this week’s topic! Because…

I am an avid reader. Not to chastise, but writers who say they don’t read worry me a little bit. I just can’t imagine having writing running in my blood without reading running alongside it. It’s something I just simply have a hard time wrapping my head around. Each to his or her own, but that notion just confuses the heck out of me. That being said, my avid habit amounts to, normally, in excess of a hundred titles a year, give or take a few dozen. Okay give. Give a few dozen. That being said, I do in fact have a folder on my Kindle titled “Read Again.” While those are pretty current titles, going back only a few years at best, I have a mental read again list of titles dating back until I can remember learning to read.

My very first read again title was The Little Red Hen. I actually wore a copy out between having others read it to me and reading it to myself. I absolutely loved that book. It was by far my very first favorite book. I loved that the Red Hen was such a strong girl. She didn’t take crap off nobody and I just loved that. When my husband found out this was one of my childhood favorites, he ran to ground a Little Golden copy. It’s traveled through several moves with us and is displayed in our office to this day.

Did y’all know Nancy Drew turned 90 this week? Oh, my gravy, y’all! Who else loved this gal sleuth as much as I did? What wasn’t to love? Again, strong female character kicks bad guy butt. And she was so dang smart! Gah! I wanted to be Nancy Drew when I grew up. I wonder now thinking about this, if she doesn’t have some influence on my female leads in my romance suspense today? Nancy was a total bad ass. Again, when hubby discovered my love of Nancy, he ensured I have a boxed set of her most popular titles sitting on my shelf in the office. And yes, I do reread them from time to time.

Little Women…Anyone detecting a trend here? Strong women! I used to reread this one pretty regularly and haven’t in I don’t know when, but with the new movie adaptation, I have the March sisters on my mind again. I’ll probably be running an original copy to ground at some point to sit with the other favorites around my desk.

As a teen and adult, my tastes wandered into the realm of romance. But I still love a strong female heroine to match the strong heroes they encounter. The series that comes to mind right away is Robyn Carr’s Virgin River. Every woman in those books is strong in her own right. She knows what she wants and goes after it with gusto, but she’s soft enough to take a helping hand when necessary. She’s also not afraid to lean on the hero for a bit of strength if she needs it. Although these are a permanent fixture in my “Read Again” folder, I have to admit, the Netflix series just isn’t my cup of tea. I won’t go into detail here, but I got to episode three and stopped. While I won’t go back to that particular well, I will read the Virgin River series again and again.

A series I have on my Kindle but have never reread, yet, is Jennifer Bernard’s Jupiter Point firefighter series. Sexy firefighters, determined women, and a bit of comedy thrown in. Love, love, love these books! I haven’t touched them in about a year, so sometime this year, I will go back to them.

Be sure to go by Long and Short where you’ll find the list of participating bloggers this week. Drop in on some of them. Tell them Dixie sent you. 😊


21 thoughts on “Books I Reread or Want to Reread #WWBC

  1. Good selections. I did know Nancy Drew turned 90 this year. I was so excited when I found a copy of Nancy Drew from the late thirties. I love the art in it. So yeah, that’s awesome. Great list. The Little Red Hen is awesome, too. I love kick-butt chicks who can take control.

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      1. I used to fancy myself a “book rescuer”. I’d visit the hole-in-the-wall bookstores and “rescue” old books. I had to slow down on my rescues though because my house began to look like one of those hole-in-the-wall bookstores. Still love a treasure of a find, though!

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    1. Hi, Lydia! I’m dating myself here, but I remember when those books came in boxes of laundry detergent. That’s where most of our Little Goldens came from. I think the Dreft company tried to bring that back a few years ago and it went away pretty quickly. Too bad! I can still remember my books smelling like fresh laundry.


  2. Marianne

    When I visited my dad on weekends, he would take me to the bookstore to pick out one book to buy. And about half the time, I chose a Nancy Drew book. I’ve since passed them on to my daughter, who did read them but I don’t think she was quite as impressed as I was, lol!!

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    1. What a GREAT memory! Your dad must have been one cool dude. We lived in the boonies so we didn’t have bookstores, just the county library and the bookmobile. I think I bought my first “racy” romance as a teen and I believe I purchased it for less than a dollar at K-Mart.


    1. She still looks great, too! Someone put a bug in my ear that there’s a reboot of the Nancy Drew series. I believe it’s on the CW (is that one still around? Shoot! Now I have to find that bug!).


  3. My high school creative writing teacher said that in order to be a good writer, you have to be a good reader, so I agree with you.

    I’ve heard so many good things about Robyn Carr’s Virgin River series! I guess I need to add that to my ever-growing list. Oh, and sexy firefighters? Sign me up!

    My post

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    1. Aymee, my creative writing teachers all said the same thing. Sexy firefighters…if you follow Jennifer Bernard on Facebook, she tosses out sexy firefighter pic regularly so you can get your fix on. 😉


  4. So funny about you mentioning Virgin River. Only yesterday my finger was hovering over the ‘buy’ button for that and then I looked at my to-be-read pile and backed away. Wish I hadn’t now!
    Yes, on the not understanding about writers who don’t read. How is that possible????

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