Saturday Shorts: The Proposal

woman hugging man in black sweatshirt
Photo by Daria Shevtsova on

This is a piece I wrote some time back from a flash fiction prompt. The picture was of a couple in the snow. The man was a cowboy. They looked completely in love. It was something similar to the pic I found to share today. The result of that prompt was this: The Proposal…

With a cold wind whipping wisps of her hair across her tingling cheeks, Jo buried her nose in the back of Dell’s coat wondering what he’d been thinking when he insisted they take a ride when they could be curled up in front of the fire at his folks’ house. Right now, mulled cider was sounding better and better.

“We’re here,” he said, pulling Skip up short and patting her arm.

“Where’s here?” she asked, peeking out around his shoulder to find he’d brought her to the bluff overlooking the river which was now frozen over.

“Where I brought you on our first date.” He unfurled her arms from around his waist and slid off Skip then turned to help her to the ground. Her legs sank into the soft snow clear to her shins. “I guess it was a bit warmer that night, huh?”

“The water was nice enough,” Jo said, a smile warming her heart at the memory of snaking her legs around his waist in the river below as Dell made love to her under a full moon.

“I didn’t tell you then. Didn’t want to scare you off.” Dell took her mitted hand and walked her to the overlook. “I knew what was in my heart that night.”

“Why should that scare me?” Sweeping the back of her free hand across her forehead she pushed the hair back that had come lose from her ponytail.

“Because I didn’t believe you were as ready then as I am. As I always have been.” He took a glove off and reached out to stroke her cheek. “Since the first time I saw you when we both ended up in Mrs. Jenkins’ third grade class. I’ve known since you fell down with your cafeteria tray and came up with ketchup on the end of your nose. I’ve always known, Jo. I knew some day you’d be my wife.”

“Are you asking me…”

“Yes. Marry me.”

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