Eight From Residue, Ana’s POV #8sunday #wewriwa


Last week I shared the first eight sentences of Residue, my current WIP. This week, I’m sharing eight from chapter two of this suspense romance, and from Ana’s POV. Ana has surprised me in so many ways since we’ve met. The more I know her, the more I love her. Hope you love her, too, as we share this journey. She could not be more different from the hero of this little tale, Dillon Taylor.

You. Can’t. Go! Deep cover is no place for a woman…

Not only were those some of the last words Montana McKee had heard from anyone at LariMont before she and Decker went out on mission under deep cover, they were the last words she’d heard from Dillon Taylor’s mouth.

For the last twelve months, Ana had been shuffled from Wyoming to Mexico then further south to Argentina where she’d been for the last four months of the hell she’d come to know deep cover missions could be. Now she knew exactly why Dillon had been adamant in his insistence that she shouldn’t be following Decker on mission. A mission which had proven fatal to him.

Thanks for stopping by, y’all! I really appreciate you taking the time. Be sure to drop by Weekend Writing Warriors for more #8sunday.

16 thoughts on “Eight From Residue, Ana’s POV #8sunday #wewriwa

    1. Good day, Ed! It is indeed a nickname, but I have made note that I probably need to clarify that a bit more. Thank you! I so love the feedback on Sundays. It’s always intuitive and helpful. 🙂


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