Eight from Residue: Is This Ana’s Chance? #8sunday #wewriwa


Welcome, y’all, to this week’s edition of #8sunday! I’ve been sharing bits and pieces of my current WIP, Residue, which is book three in a romantic suspense series I’m laboring over. If you’re new to #wewriwa, be sure to drop by their site HERE for this week’s list of participants as well as guidelines as to how to jump in and join us if you’d like. Without further ado, I present my eight for the week.

Ana had just laid Charlie down and slipped between the greasy sheets of her own bed when the entire house shook with the force of what she could only assume was an explosion of some sort. Was this her chance? Was it possible she could grab both boys and somehow make it out of the house amid what sounded like chaos and confusion overtaking the downstairs? Slip away into the darkness?

She had no idea where she’d go. She had no idea how she’d survive. But Ana did know anything was better than staying here another minute if she could help it. She’d been waiting for a moment like this and she wasn’t about to let this one pass her by, real plan or no real plan in place.

Thanks so much for stopping by! I appreciate all y’all so much and look forward to your thoughts. Have a great time catching up with the eights today!

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