When Just One Won’t Do… #WWBC


I’ll be honest, friends, I’ve been tapping a dry well as far as all things writing this month. But today, I decided I needed to get my panties pulled up and get on with things. So, here I am. Not my usual chipper self, but I’m going to give this a go. Thank you for your patience as I attempt a hard reset. 😊

Let’s see…favorite book series and why…

I actually have a few! Is anyone surprised that I shouldn’t be able to pick just one? In no particular order…

Maya Banks. She gets two shout-outs today. Her Sweet series and her KGI series will always own me. These are two series that I’ve read more than once and will re-read again and again. The Sweet series. Hot Doms and sweet submissives. Just a note, if Master/slave relationships squick you out, this one might not be for you. Not every book in the six have that theme, but it’s laced throughout and graphically. These aren’t dark romances, but power exchange is definitely prominent. The KGI series is just as engaging and some of the heroes will melt your heart. Both series may contain power exchange and are erotic, there are pure erotica. That’s one of the things I love about them. The story lines are solid and the D/s relationships are icing on the cake.

Cherise Sinclair. Masters of the Shadowlands. Again, if power exchange isn’t your thing, this isn’t for you. Cherise really knows how to delve into the psychology and emotions attached to a D/s relationship and plays those themes like a well-tuned fiddle.

Jennifer Bernard. Jupiter Point series. Firefighters anyone? The thing I love the most about this series is the fact that Jennifer did her research into smoke jumping and firefighting so well. Her knowledge of what’s entailed with these occupations is evident. Her characters are heartfelt, funny, swoon-worthy. Definitely a winner!

Janie Crouch. Linear Tactical. Former military special ops hotties at their finest. This series is ongoing and I’m still reading. Janie is a world-traveler and her experiences show in her work. Her characters find themselves in unique settings with unique problems. Conflict abounds and the action keeps you on the edge of your seat. Love this series.

Piper J. Drake. True Heroes series. Her knowledge of military working dogs blows me away. This series is set on the continental US and Hawaii and embodies a variety of cultures. Lots of action. Lots of lovin’. She also weaves a good bit of travel knowledge into her stories lending a high degree of realism. Highly recommend!

I could go on and on, honestly. I’m a series reader through and through and love a variety of genres, as you can probably tell. What are some of your series recommends? What do you love about them?

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