Eight from Reclaiming Raylyn, Coming Soon #8Sunday #wewriwa


I’m sorry I’ve been absent for a couple of weeks. March was rough and not just because of the world crisis we’re in. I am concerned, but not in the same ways others are. Being married to a man in the military for thirty years does that to one; makes you see the world through a different lens. That being said, I was able to put things into perspective and pull myself back together Wednesday and carry on, thus here I am today with a snippet from Reclaiming Raylyn, soon to be released. It’s from my back list that is slowly being re-introduced to the world.

“And you couldn’t have just told me that?” Gavin asked, reaching out in an effort to touch her face as Ray flinched and pulled back. “You couldn’t find yourself with us living in the same house? Let me help you find you?”

Feeling his hands on her, hands that had been her physical comfort when those rare times came around he was there to offer such, was absolutely not a good idea. As much as Ray wanted to feel him, she needed more than physical and intermittent at best and falling prey to that touch now would ruin everything. Ray’s body screamed for Gavin’s and it was likely if he touched her, she’d melt and go home with him and all hope of ever finding out who she was would dissolve, never to be discovered.

“You wouldn’t have heard me,” Ray explained, taking a few more steps back from the man she wanted with all her betraying heart. How could she want him with all she was when she had no idea what that entailed.

ReclaimingRaylyn.FinalTwenty-seven years, more than a dozen deployments, five kids…and one missing wife.

After twenty-seven years of marriage and service to his country, Gavin McIntyre returns from what he hopes will be his last deployment before either reaching the highest attainable enlisted rank in the Marine Corps or retiring. But what he returns to leaves him flat aback with a busted mast and broken rudder. His wife is a no show for the homecoming. Using the ages old adage of improvise, adapt, and overcome, he makes his way home only to discover, she hasn’t simply forgotten to pick him up from the bus, she’s gone. In her wake, Gavin finds his home set up boot camp style and a couple of twenties in the cookie jar, but any evidence he’s ever had a wife or five children with her is deplete.

Pregnant at sixteen and married to a marine in a less than romantic ceremony courtesy of the local Justice, Raylyn McIntyre has spent almost three decades playing the dutiful patriotic wife, catering to the whims of the military. She’s lost track of how many places she’s lived, how many deployments she’s endured, and how many tears she’s shed. But most of all, she’s lost track of herself. With a husband who’s so wrapped up in saving the world he can’t see he’s losing his family, Ray resorts to the one tactic he might understand…a full frontal attack with extreme prejudice.

Nothing good ever comes easy, though, and just when her choice of battle plan seems to be working, tragedy befalls their family. As Ray and Gavin struggle to find center, they also struggle with the notion that forgiveness of self is often the only path to forgiveness of another, and that path is not only bumpy but filled with pitfalls.

Thank you for coming by today! You can find more great 8s at Weekend Writing Warriors.

7 thoughts on “Eight from Reclaiming Raylyn, Coming Soon #8Sunday #wewriwa

  1. Diane Burton

    Difficult scene, such high emotions threatening to burst out.

    Thank you for your service. Yes, I know your husband is in the military, but you serve, too. Thank you. Take care of yourself.


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