It’s a Dinner Party…Guess Who’s Invited…

WednesdayBloggingChallenge-copyGood morning, y’all and welcome to the Weekly Wednesday Blogging Challenge sponsored by the good folks over at Long and Short Reviews. This week’s topic is characters I’d like to invite to a dinner party. So, I gotta wane honest here for a minute. While I’d like nothing better than to escape into an alter reality right now because the real world is crazier than anything any of us could dream up or write about presently, there are a few non-fiction characters I need over here in my space, like STAT. (Yes, I’m fixing to bend and stretch the topic rules…again!)

Marie Kondo. My hubby and I share an office. We love each other dearly. I’m a writer. He’s an EMT and a Paramedic student. <—- STUDENT…Can you guess where I’m going with this? We share an office. Normally this isn’t any huge big deal. But, now that our entire world is on tilt, he’s being homeschooled…in our office. I don’t want to interrupt his virtual classes, especially if I’m still in my jammies. So, I’ve temp relocated to our dining room. Dear Marie Kondo, where do we make more room during this damn pandemic? (Sorry, fast fact about me…after being married to the man, who was a Marine for thirty years, for twenty-three, I cuss a little. I imagine with everyone cooped up like a bunch of jail birds right now a lot of true colors are being flown.)

Okay, so this one is fictional. Tim “the toolman” Taylor. See above…Tim can I get an addition on the back. Nothing fancy. Window required. Soundproof perhaps? And a hot tub would be great.

Emeril Lagasse. I cook. I love to cook. We have plenty of ingredients because we shop locally and right now our local farm stand is overflowing with fresh produce, dairy fresh cheese, and grass-fed local beef. However, I’m so busy trying to play catch up and find a quiet corner that honestly by the end of the day I don’t feel like cooking any of it. I do anyway, but I don’t feel like it. (Can you hear my pout face?)

The Merry Maids. All the deep cleaning for spring is now done through 2025. Can we just have some maintenance of the cleanliness? Please?

And lastly, Jesus. I really need the lecture on patience and gratitude. A lot! Because it’s hard to see every single monotonous day the good in everything right now. I’m usually Sally Sunshine, but I have to admit, there are moments lately I’m Bitchy Betty. Jesus might need to lecture me on the fact I cuss a little, too. Yeah. Probably that one.

Thank you for enduring my post today…More participants in this week’s challenge can be found HERE.

Oh! Before I go…I have a release coming out in May, Reclaiming Raylyn. ARCs are available through Bookfunnel. There is a new tab in the menu where you’ll find a form to sign-up to get a copy if you’d be interested.  CLICK HERE. Thank you!


8 thoughts on “It’s a Dinner Party…Guess Who’s Invited…

  1. I think we all can relate. Enjoyed your post. Funny I’ve worked from home for 5 years and enjoyed every minute of it. Even sharing my office with my hubby on occasion. But something about not being able to just go for a walk with my dog, run to the store without mask, gloves, eye covers, fear of catching the virus grates on my good nature. Oh, well, thanks for sharing, we are not alone. LOL Here’s mine.


  2. Loved your list, Dixie. Can I please borrow your Merry Maids when you’ve finished with them?
    Not sure about Ms Kondo. Doesn’t she have a think about too many books? You can never have too many books! 🙂


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