Eight from Reclaiming Raylyn #8sunday #wewriwa


My eight this morning come from my upcoming release, Reclaiming Raylyn, due out May 14. It’s a contemporary, second-chances military romance about a couple who’s marriage has been devoured by the Marine Corps and they’re in crisis mode attempting to save it. Enjoy!

Pushing Louie out of his lap, Gavin took three gigantic, stealthy steps to the table Ray hid with her body a few minutes ago and had laid a picture face down clearly in an attempt to conceal it from him. With his heart in his throat, praying it wasn’t a cutesy, loving picture of Ray and another man, he swallowed a groan and flipped the edge of the picture up. After a quick glance toward the kitchen which would never do to cook one of Ray’s infamous holiday meals in and finding her with her back still turned, he caught a glimpse of the photo and nearly shouted in this small triumph.

ReclaimingRaylyn.FinalRather than a new man and Ray, the picture was the one of them on their wedding day which used to sit on the now missing table in the upstairs hallway. At least he had this. Her eyes hadn’t lied a few minutes ago. Ray had to still love him otherwise she’d have tossed that small token out with the rest of their things.

He eased the picture back down and made his way into the alcove in the kitchen which clearly served as the dining area to find a small table not fit for eating on being as it was covered with a laptop, a stack of textbooks, and notebooks and notes were scattered across it. She really was studying.

“Ray, are you having a mid-life crisis?” Gavin asked sincerely.

Thank you so much for coming by to have a read today! I promise I’ll catch up on all my comments in the next couple of days. I know everyone is in this boat together and will understand when I say the world is a bit topsy-turvy right now and at times I have a hard time keeping up.

If you like the bits and pieces you’ve been reading from Reclaiming Raylyn, ARCs are now available HERE. They are delivered each evening in batches through Bookfunnel for download directly to the reading platform of your choice.

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