If I Have to Refold One More Towel!


Thanks to the lovely people over at Long and Short Reviews for sponsoring the Wednesday Weekly Blogging Challenge. This week’s challenge is brought to us by the words: pet peeves.

The actual topic is our silliest pet peeves. I’m not sure I’m willing to admit any of mine are silly, because they’re pretty seriously annoying to me, but I’ll give it a go. Maybe some of them will seem sillier if I share. One can hope. Right?

I’m a very picky person when it comes to my house in terms of cleaning it, and that includes the laundry. I have a certain-certain way everything has to be done and a certain-certain place for everything to be.

Bath towels…dear sweet Baby Jesus. The folding of them. So, we have two bathrooms and two very different storage spaces for each. In fact, in our master bath (bear in mind, our house is almost seventy years old and hasn’t had much renovation done until we moved it) there is no storage. I’ve had to place a small shelving unit inside the master closet to accommodate not only the bed linens but the towels for the bath. For this bathroom, the towels must be folded in half, width-wise, then again, then tri-folded to make a neat little package that fits nicely on the shelving unit without hanging off the edge. Also, I can make two rows fit side by side this way. In the hall bath, I have wooden crates stacked on one end of the enormous one-sink vanity. I’ve found the best use of that space is to fold the towels in half, width-wise, then again then roll the towel, but the design on the edge must face out. This is the ONLY way to fold the towels. I don’t think anyone helping me fold the towels is quite aware of just how annoying, and okay—silly, because let’s face it at least I have help and should be grateful, not folding them correctly is to me. If I have to refold one more towel!

I don’t have a dishwasher currently (remodeled kitchen coming soon!), but when I did, I would find myself unloading it at times and reloading it to my standard. Why did it matter?! As long as the dishes were clean, why was I so obsessed with the way they were placed in the dishwasher. Yes, this is pretty silly. When I get one (during the remodel), I’m going to do my best not to unload it and reload it if someone else is trying to help.

Not replying, at all, to an RSVP. Gah!! This drives me crazy. I realize most folks these days don’t even know what RSVP stands for let alone how to accomplish it. I should be content in the knowledge that if said person did not reply they are not coming. I should just plan accordingly for the amount of folks who did reply. I can’t get past it! I fret and fret planning an event “not knowing” how many people are coming, and I end up overcooking “just in case.” Silly? I don’t know. I think this one may be just annoying and not at all silly because it’s just courteous to RSVP.

People not knowing how to merge into traffic on an interstate from the on-ramp. I realize I should just ignore them and try to be accommodating. But I have to tell y’all, these individuals actually just piss me off. Please, for the love of all that’s right and holy, speed up and merge into traffic. Do NOT slow down. Do NOT panic. Do NOT stop. Do NOT wait until I’m beside you going more and more slowly trying to allow you to merge then speed up or slam on the brakes and flip me off because you didn’t speed up to begin with. If the interstate scares you that much, please do us all a favor and ride the bus or call a ride service. (Sorry, that one really gets me worked up. Silly? I’m not sure.)

Okay, one more then I’ll stop. I have a list a mile long and if I go on further you’ll be reading for days.

We have shower curtains as opposed to doors. Hubby likes to pull the curtain all the way closed after his shower because he believes it’ll dry faster. I am in camp, leave it open on either end and pull it toward the middle a little bit because if air is circulating around it, it will dry faster. Silly right? As long as it dries, who cares? At least he keeps the liner contained to the tub so there aren’t puddles on the floor.

While you’re letting me know what some of your pet peeves are, I’ll just be in the living room making sure the chairs haven’t been moved a few inches to the left or right but are right where they’re supposed to be.

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17 thoughts on “If I Have to Refold One More Towel!

    1. I know, right? My husband had a Captain who got a wee bit too tired of this scenario and at the next event he held, those who didn’t RSVP but showed anyway were greeted at the door and then asked to leave with the explanation that he’d only prepared for those who RSVPed. People started RSVPing.


    1. I actually find myself rooting them on at times. Like, “Come on! You can do it! Just merge! Merge, merge!” Do they not teach that skill in driver education anymore? We had to master it in order to pass the class.


  1. Are you my mother? She has a VERY specific way to fold towels and I’ve picked up on it. And because it’d annoy me so much when someone wouldn’t fold a towel properly… I’ve been abandoned and have to fold by myself now. LOL!

    The freeway thing made me think of the first time my daughter had to drive on ours here. I knew she wasn’t ready, but she insisted. Nearly panicked trying to merge. But, she has to learn eventually and has no problems now, thankfully.

    My post

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  2. Ah, the highway merging debacles I’ve seen! Luckily my late mom never got up the nerve to drive on a highway, because she’d have caused major accidents! She panicked even when a passenger in cars merging, and since i wouldn’t let her smoke in my vehicle, it was way stressful.

    I’m also with you on the dishwasher. Family knows that I don’t clean house–it’s against my religion. But I clean the kitchen once a week, because I don’t want to risk food-poisoning–I had it once, long story, and don’t want it ever again! So I often re-load husband’s dishes. He just laughs at me.

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  3. I could relate to a lot on that list, Dixie. The dishwasher thing… yep. My other half is an engineer so you’d think he’d know the most efficient way to stack a dishwasher but no. I’m always having to restack it. Totally with you on the merging too.

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