Eight from Residue, Current WIP #wewriwa #8sunday


Welcome to this week’s edition of Weekend Writing Warriors where those participating share eight or so sentences from a work of their choice. I thought I’d just share a random bit of what I’m currently writing, Residue. This will be book three in my S3 series which is due to begin releasing later this summer. Enjoy!

“Seagate is gone,” Dillon said, reaching out to take her hand and squeeze in an apparent attempt at comfort.

“Define gone,” Ana said. “You mean Kyle lost it somehow? The government seized it? Did that include all our belongings?”

“No, darlin’. He didn’t lose it. The government didn’t seize it. He burned it to the ground.”

You can find more eights at the #wewriwa site HERE.

18 thoughts on “Eight from Residue, Current WIP #wewriwa #8sunday

    1. Quite a lot has happened since this little revelation as I’ve been pecking away. The only thing I can say definitively is that sometimes things must get worse before they get better… Thank you for stopping in!


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