Oh, Happy Spa Day!

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This is the third installment of my posts relating to the first one I shared on losing my shit, watching other people lose their shit, and trying to figure out what to do to help. In case you missed that, you can find it HERE and the second follow on post HERE.

In my last post on this subject, I mentioned I’m a huge proponent of aromatherapy, in all its many forms. I also gave you a short list of some products I use in lieu of a diffuser to get my aroma on. Most of those products, I normally get from my spa. They carry a tremendous selection of feel good products, and because I’m a member I get a bit of a discount on my purchases. Even though my spa is closed down, I can still get some products from them by emailing them, paying with the card I have on record there, and they’ll bag me up some goodness and leave it on their front porch for me. Yes, my spa has a gorgeous front porch where you can sit and have herbal tea and enjoy the fresh air, meditate, breathe. That being said, even with that service they’re still offering, I’m finding I have to order some things offline for the time being.

Y’all, true confessions time. I miss my spa so much! Gah! I know it’s probably trivial to most and to many it seems non-essential. It’s not non-essential to someone who has anxiety and utilizes therapeutic massage as a tool in managing that. For those folks, it’s very essential, particularly if routine is another thing which helps them cope. I absolutely covet my time with my massage therapist each month. It’s a couple of hours I can just go where it’s quiet, find my inner peace. I can talk while I’m receiving my treatment or be totally quiet. It’s all my choice.

Now, at this point you might be asking, how is it I can allow a massage therapist to work on me after telling y’all I have a hard time with certain situations? It’s true, I do have a hard time and especially when trying to get to know someone new, but the benefits of getting massage far outweighed my fears of going the first time and getting to know someone new. Fortunately, I hit a homerun with the first massage therapist I booked with. I’ll just refer to her as J. J is the most amazing person! I pulled my honesty card out and explained to her fully about me, real me, on that first visit. And she simply replied, we got this. This is your hour. You just tell me if something isn’t comfortable and we’ll try something else.

Over the months, J has become not only my massage therapist, she’s become my friend and confidant. We continue to talk through my hours of being in her care about everything under the sun. We have long conversations about current events, health care topics, our kids. I even take her eggs from my backyard egg factory at times. We are now more friends than simply provider/client.

So, if you’ve never tried a spa or indulged in massage therapy, here’s a little of what you can expect. My spa isn’t one where you go have your hair and nails done. It’s a well-being type spa with a bit of eastern flair. In fact, J, practices Thai techniques. There’s a quiet space where I’ve dozed off more than once after my treatment underneath one of the fuzzy blankies provided. I’ve taken advantage of the steam showers, complete with that fancy shower mist I talked about in another post. And there’s a sauna and a Himalayan salt room, which is great for respiratory issues. A few minutes in there definitely gets things flowing, if you know what I mean. They also have a gym downstairs and they host monthly events on health-related topics, and yes they lean toward women’s health even though they do have male clientele.

The benefits of massage are many. Massage can help reduce stress, improve your circulation, reduce pain, eliminate toxins from your system, improve your flexibility, help you sleep, boost your immunity, reduce fatigue, help manage anxiety and depression, and manage inflammation from injuries or surgery.

“We have the amazing potential to heal and transform ourselves through our thoughts, perceptions and our ability to let go of stress. When we take the time to quiet our thoughts, it allows the mind to let go of old patterns of thinking and feeling, and the body can learn to heal itself.”—From Fusions Spa and Wellness

I know having someone touch you in any way, especially someone you don’t know yet, can be a trigger. It’s scary allowing yourself to be vulnerable. If you take full advantage of massage and completely disrobe aside from the sheet you’re provided, you’re definitely opening yourself up to being in a vulnerable position. But I promise you, if you can overcome that fear and allow yourself the indulgence of massage, and fine someone as awesome as J, the reward is great.

When things open back up and I can make an appointment, I’m going to book a ninety-minute session with J with some add-ons…maybe hot stones. And I’m going run shouting all the way there, oh, happy spa day!

Have you ever had a massage? Did you enjoy your time? What did you like/not like? If you haven’t had massage, what’s keeping you from trying it?

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