Where Did That Come From?!


Good morning, y’all! This week’s blog challenge, sponsored by Long and Short Reviews, explores the topic: why I stopped reading a series that I love.

So, I’m not one to call out other authors by name when they mess up colossally, so I won’t do that here. We all have a bad day, week, month, year at some point. One of my favorite authors in the wide world hit that bad day back in 2012. It didn’t even finish the sixth book in that particular series, which eventually rounded out at twelve installations. So, half-way, this author made a fatal mistake in my humble opinion. Looking back now, I have to say I truly believe she was under the gun for deadlines and just simply went off in left field trying to keep up with her publisher’s demands. At the time, she was at the top of the suspense romance heap and crowing to the tune of reportedly seven-figure deals. I’m sure with that kind of money in play came great pressure to perform. Unfortunately, we know what great pressure can do for performance. Often times, things can go…well…flat.

This book did just that and completely took my expectations with it.

And what was this great faux pas that made me put down book six and never pick up number seven? The author took the female lead so thoroughly out of character I absolutely couldn’t continue reading. The female lead had been featured throughout the first five books as a secondary character. She was strong and independent, didn’t take slack off anyone, a real gritty gal who was still approachable. From that, she was reduced to a pile of simpering goo in her own book. A pile of absolutely goo. If the author had somehow made us aware this female lead could be vulnerable and given her some reason to be so and show it, simply given her a weakness, perhaps one she was ashamed to admit she needed help with, that’d been one thing. But she took her from super-badassery to a needy, whiny, indecisive airhead.

It was a sad, sad day.

Moral of the story, don’t build up reader expectations of a character only to do a complete three-sixty with that character and leave the reader wondering what train just ran them over and asking, where did that come from?!

I’ve since gone back and read reviews for this particular book just to make sure I wasn’t just having my own bad day. Nope! The reviews agree with me that, yes, this character was taken so far out of character it was unforgivable. That being said, I do so miss this series and with six more to choose from, I’ve decided to go back and re-read one through five, skip six, and continue on with seven to see if the rest of the series holds water in its presented expectations. I think this series and the author are deserving of a second chance.

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16 thoughts on “Where Did That Come From?!

  1. Totally agree with you, Dixie (And I refused to name names on my blog, too)! I remember a certain author explaining to her readers how she was under a massive deadline to finish the book. Ahem! Word of caution, “Do NOT tell your readers this!” Why? Because it will slap you in the face later, especially when your readers are left wondering what the heck happened to the story and characters when the book came out! The story felt rushed and incomplete. The characters were behaving as if some alien invaded their personalities and took over their bodies. It didn’t make sense and this reader (ME) threw the book on the floor in disgust.

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    1. Another author I used to read religiously actually put an apology in the preface/dedication of the book explaining he was under deadline and thanking his editor for attempting to clean it up. And mind you, this is a multiple bestselling, completely iconic author. I was floored and appalled. I didn’t even crack the first page. I figured anything that warranted a pre-apology for quality wasn’t worth it. Such a shame.


    1. That is so true on it coming down to trust. I hope I always earn my readers trust, every single time. I can’t wait to read your post. I’m playing catch up this weekend!


  2. I don’t feel any compunction about naming names, with authors who make enough money to never work again. Especially since in my case, my husband was paying over $20 to buy me the hard-cover versions of the books! For that kind of money, you’d better not disappoint me, or I’ll drop-kick the book away, and never read you again!

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