Eight From Reclaiming Raylyn, Releasing May 14 #8sunday


My eight this morning come from Reclaiming Raylyn. This is a stand-alone, full-length contemporary, military second-chances romance with a heat rating of sensual. It’s the story of a couple in their forties struggling to save a marriage that’s been the casualty of a life-long military career.

“I don’t know who I am. I don’t know who you are anymore or who we are or how we work.”

“I know you don’t. Hell, honey, I can’t pretend to have all the answers because God knows I don’t, but I believe with all my heart it can be fixed.” Gavin ran his thumb under her eyes and swiped at the endless stream of heartache. “I have to believe that. Defeat isn’t an option.”

“Our life is not an amphibious assault, Sergeant Major.” Ray’s attempt at humor just made her feel worse and while another round of sobs made their way across her swollen throat, she allowed Gavin to turn her and she buried her head in his shoulder.

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12 thoughts on “Eight From Reclaiming Raylyn, Releasing May 14 #8sunday

  1. Outstanding dialogue. I can sense their ease of being together–their shared years comes through loud nd clear. I also sense her confusion, how a relationship–even life–can reach a point where you struggle to understand it, to make sense of it. Nice writing!


  2. Diane Burton

    What heartache for both of them. He’s trying to understand. That’s a start. I hope they listen to each other.


  3. Great line here: “Our life is not an amphibious assault, Sergeant Major.” It points to one of the fundamental problems with the marriage. You know the saying, “If the only tool you have is a hammer, every problem looks like a nail?”

    If the only set of problem solving tools you have is military, she seems to think he sees their marital problems are tactical ones — which is very insightful.


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