Eight in Honor of Mother’s Day #8sunday #wewriwa


My eight this morning come from Restitution, part of the Flashpoint two-novel set which prequels the S3 series due to begin releasing later this summer. Enjoy! And Happy Mother’s Day to moms everywhere, be they biological, bonuses, aunties, grandmas, adopted, mentors, or otherwise. Any strong woman who helps raise a child in any capacity is a mom in my eyes. Today, I honor you all.

“Oh my God, Chase. She’s perfect,” Libby breathed. “Look what we did.” She looked up at him overwhelmed with emotion.

“Yes, she is. As perfect as her mother and as perfect as her sister will be.” He brushed the sweaty tendrils back from Libby’s forehead and kissed her tenderly. “I’m so proud of you, sweetheart. You’re doing great.”

You can find Flashpoint at Amazon, where it’s permanently $0.99 or free in KU.

For more great eights be sure to drop by Weekend Writing Warriors HERE.

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