Eight from Reclaiming Raylyn, Just Released

My eight this week come from my just released military, second-chances romance, Reclaiming Raylyn, in which Gavin’s buddy calls him out…

“I think I have my life under control,” Gavin seethed.

“Really?” Jay laughed and shook his head. “Right. That’s why Andy and I have been babysitting her all summer for you? And it totally explains your crap ass attitude since you moved in up at MEF. Your new staff thinks you’re an asshole. Whenever you come into the building your routine is puff up, go to your office, and slam the door behind you. With that attitude what do you expect people to think?” Poole drained his bottle and held it in the air indicating to the waitress he was ready for another round. “Have it under control? Hardly.”

Thank you for coming by and having a read! You can find more great eights at WeWriWa HERE, and you can now snag your copy of Reclaiming Raylyn at Amazon HERE.

16 thoughts on “Eight from Reclaiming Raylyn, Just Released

  1. Gavin doesn’t sound like the leader his team needs. Sounds like he’s just avoiding the job and not actually doing anything. If this is how he handles his personal life then of course his life is going to be a mess. Great snippet, Gavin probably needs a reality check.

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