Eight From a Shortie #wewriwa #8sunday

As many of you may have figured out by now, I tend to post my eights from totally random sources. Some have come from current releases. Some have come from current works in progress. The truth is, I don’t like to reveal too, too much of what I have going on, so I tend to hop around a lot for my shares. This week I was going through some old back files and found a short story piece I had submitted to one of my previous publishers for an anthology for charity. The press has since closed and all rights were reverted to the authors in involved. So, I thought I’d share the first few sentences of one of my few attempts at at first-person POV and YA. Enjoy!

The transformation of Molly Finnegan was so subtle and so slow, it had eased over her like a blanket of moss, but was so complete and thorough, in the end you were left wondering what had fertilized its growth and when.

I think I fell ass over tea kettle in love with Molly on the first day of kindergarten when she came bobbing into the room with her springy red curls erupting in two wads of unruliness from the ponytail bands perched on either side of her head. She immediately gravitated toward the activity center in the far corner of the room and took up residence at the clay table, grabbing a big ball of red and fashioning what I interpreted to be an apple, but which she later explained was a pomegranate. Whatever that was. I was a five year old boy, for Christ’s sake, not Mr. Julia Child, who by the way had encouraged my mother to make the worst tuna casserole in the history of tuna casseroles. Fridays weren’t all that pleasant after this unfortunate epiphany. The PBJs and mac and cheese had been sufficient and tasty. Why Miss Child felt the need to come along and disrupt my perfect no meat Friday observance was beyond me, but I didn’t appreciate it one bit.

My heart had pattered uncontrollably from seven thirty-four a.m. until my first glimpse of those red ponytails making their appearance through the door of room K-3, at which point it went from uncontrollable patter to The Flight of the Bumblebee, every single school day morning for the next nine months.

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