What Do Commas and a Simple Word Have in Common?

Good morning, y’all! Welcome to the Wednesday Weekly Blog Challenge sponsored by the good folks over at Long and Short Reviews. This week’s topic: things I wish I did better. Gravy! What don’t I wish I did better? LOL Oh! Wait! I got one…

Saying no. Although I’m getting better at it now that I’m all grown up at an age of just over fifty, I am still terrible at saying no. I don’t like conflict, waves, disappointing others, or being given the stink eye. I have a terrible time saying the word no. You’d think an itty-bitty two letter, one syllable word would be the easiest thing ever. It is not. It. Is. My. Mortal. Enemy! I’ll listen to someone’s proposal or request or demand and think this will never work, I don’t have time, I’m busy that day, my calendar is full, OR I just simply DO NOT want to do this. I work myself all up with my two letter, one syllable word. I open my mouth. And nine times out of ten the four letter, two syllable word comes out. O. Kay!

And then it is far, far too late to roll that tongue back up in my head and swallow it. That word is like toothpaste. Once it’s squirted out of that damn tube it’ll never, ever, ever go back in. Then you try cleaning it up and it smears all over and makes a colossal mess. Tears. Frowns. Eating a lot of chocolate. Yelling at the hubby. More tears.

“Why didn’t you just say no, dear?”

MORE tears.

“Because. I. What.” A shrug and a sniffle. “I don’t knooooowww. I wanted to. I tried.” More sniffling and shrugging.

Really, y’all. It really is that bad. If there is a single thing in the whole wide world I wish I did better, it’s saying no.

Let me practice a little bit. No. No. No. Yes. Uh…NO!

Whew! Moving on. My second nemesis? Commas. Sweet Baby Jesus, y’all. If I had a dime for every comma my editors have corrected for me over the years. And I’ve apologized with every single edit. “Dear editor. I am terribly sorry for my sorry-ass use of commas. Please forgive me? (insert little nervous giggle)” I really need a comma fairy, y’all.

Be sure to visit Long and Short for the full list of participating blogs this week and for the complete list of weekly topics. See y’all next week!

14 thoughts on “What Do Commas and a Simple Word Have in Common?

  1. LOL! Loved this post, Dixie!
    Oh, and I have to say your mention of stink eye gave me a smile. I’d never heard of that expression until a few years ago when I came across it on Twitter. Having no clue, I asked the person if stink eye was a form of conjunctivitis. They never replied…
    I guess they thought I was either an idiot or being a tool. But I genuinely had no idea what it meant!!


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