Eight from an Untitled WIP #8sunday #wewriwa

My eight this week come from a currently untitled WIP I’ve had in my working folder for quite some time. Maybe in the near future these two will have their day in the spotlight. Enjoy!

“I want a baby.”

“I’m sorry. What did you say?” Gunny Devan Caldwell asked, staring at his cubicle-mate with his still browned from the desert sun brow line wrinkled.

“You asked, and I quote, what do you want?” Staff Sergeant Roberta O’Brien reminded, her heart speeding up, her mouth running dry, and her stomach doing a flip. “And I answered…I” She attempted to swallow the wad of cotton clogging up her throat and took a shallow breath. “I want a baby?” Every ounce of her own desert tan must have been pasty as the sudden recognition of such a desire sent her color plummeting to her toes along with all her oxygen.

“Do you now?” Dev held up a handful of well-worn takeout menus and waved them back and forth a couple of times with his eyebrows raised in what Bobbi was sure must be surprise. Why wouldn’t he be surprised? She’d sure as shit surprised herself by the admission. “Great! What about lunch? You cut me short, Bobbi.

For more eights and to join in the fun if you’d like to, be sure to drop by Weekend Writing Warriors.

6 thoughts on “Eight from an Untitled WIP #8sunday #wewriwa

  1. Well that seems like a non sequitor out of thin air. No wonder he wants to change the subject. Would a woman in the military actually blurt this out in an office environment? They must be really good friends! Certainly a dramatic snippet today!


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