Times They Are A-Changin!

Good day, readers and insecure writers! The first Monday totally sneaked up on me.

Times they are a-changin’…I think that’s a lyric from some song or other that I can’t recall the name of or the rest of this morning. It’s been a wild week! And a busy month. Since last time we met, I’ve sent a new release into the world and managed to get the next release well underway to becoming a reality. Non-writing related busyness includes our gardens being in full-swing and home projects we’ve managed while being confined to quarters, or whatever we’re calling it today. Insecurities about any of that? What writer doesn’t agonize over the launch of a new title? Will they like it? Will they review it? Will the reviews be awful? Will they buy it?! Release day was yesterday and I spent the majority of my time either smiling so big it hurt or crying happy tears. Because, yes, they were buying it, yes, they’re reviewing it, and so far, the reviews aren’t awful. Whew!

Industry changes. Today’s IWSG topic of discussion…

I’ve learned over the years the publishing world is in a constant state of flux and I’ve also learned to roll with it. While I’m over the moon happy that we as indie authors control our destiny and have the power to make our mark our own way and in our own time, I am heartily exuberant to see more and more professionalism among the indie community. When the indie movement first took off, it was a bit like living in the novel Lord of the Flies. The community was destroying itself and eating the remains. The behaviors of some managed to damage the reputation of the whole. But I’m super glad to see that ship has turned and is in steadier waters now. I hope that trend continues. Along with that, the rise of quality editors and cover artists at the disposal of the indie community is astounding and a welcome site. For the longest time, they were rare, quality or not.

Moving forward, something I’d like to see in the industry is better quality options for indie authors to promote on a higher level at a reasonable price. It’s clear some doors are still closed to indies and is kept closed by the almighty dollar, or lack of as the case may be. I won’t call any specific platforms out, but one very popular newsletter distribution network thrives on a model which gives no specific pricing on click through ads and no cap on how much you’re willing to spend. I can tell you the base price per click is ridiculous, though, for no guarantee of sales at the end of the day. The price to get in the newsletter for a deal of the day is even more mind-boggling. On average a minimum of nearly $1000.00 to get a slot, and again, no guarantee of return. This is clearly a place still guarding the gate carefully and reserving their services for higher tier folks who might have that kind of cash sitting around. In case places like this missed the memo, the wide majority of writers aren’t rolling in the dough. And we never will make a modest living at it without being able to reach the masses in a classy and efficient manner. A leveler playing field in the world of advertising would be a welcome sight.

I’m not sure what the answer is to this problem, but I know this. Getting your name out there is a massive undertaking and you can’t just like for like on social media because you end up following your followers. As my husband says, that’s a self-licking ice cream cone. No one gets ahead that way and you don’t attract readers. And, while I’m not willing to go the poor house attempting to get my name out there, I am willing to do the hard work it takes and keep plugging away at this. Because writing isn’t something I can lay down and walk away. I tried that once and it didn’t stick. I also know I don’t need to be rich from doing it and I don’t have to have a specific number of readers and fans to achieve happiness with what I do. I’d just like the possibility of name recognition to be a little more within reach, but if the playing field is never leveled in that aspect, I’ll still be happy and still be plugging away, putting stories out there for my faithful fans. (Who are the most amazing people on the planet, by the by.)

Writer problems, right?

I did mention my new release, I believe? My contemporary, military romance, Just One Tear, came out yesterday and is now on Amazon at the introductory price of only $0.99. Checking it out and sharing it with a friend who might be interested would be amazing and appreciated.

Have a GREAT month, everyone!

2 thoughts on “Times They Are A-Changin!

    1. I totally agree! I worked for a small press many years ago and it’s totally the same boat is so many ways: limited budgets, limited access. Thanks for stopping by and having a read.


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