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Who could have predicted when the WWBC topics were chosen for this year where we’d be today? I’m sure the topic of travel is one a lot of folks’ minds today, particularly with a holiday weekend coming up here in the US.

Technically the last place I traveled was to the grocery this morning. I just got in and sat down to write this so I could get it posted since I’ve been incognito for a couple of weeks. Life is as busy here for us as it ever has been even though we’re not traveling about as much. We’ve accomplished several home improvements projects and our gardening season is in full swing. But, I digress, because I’ve weaved off topic a bit.

The last actual, no kidding, vacationing travel we undertook was the first couple of weeks of January of this year, not long before the world shifted. Our wandering vacation included Hilton Head, South Carolina, Savannah, Georgia, Charleston, South Carolina, Parris Island, South Carolina, and Myrtle Beach. We were some busy folks! And I’m so glad we took our time and soaked it all in. I’m glad I got to see the beaches. I hadn’t seen the ocean in over a year then and I’m not sure when I’ll see it again at the rate we’re going now. I got to shop at Savannah Bee Company and eat amazing seafood, and my husband got to stand in the big yellow footprints on Parris Island, something he’d not done in thirty-one years. I shopped at the base exchange there, something I’d not done in over two years since his retirement.

We’re wanderers by nature and circumstance. We roamed together for twenty-four years through his military career. We’ve been fortunate enough to see things and places most only dream about. While retirement has settled us some into a bit of a homebody routine, and we’ve enjoyed growing our roots for the first time in our adult lives, we still feel the tug of moving and traveling. And particularly now, I find myself wander-lusting for all those places and things I’ve not seen and experienced yet but have on my bucket list.

How things change in the blink of an eye.

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20 thoughts on “Wander-lusting

    1. It was a lot of fun. We love to travel and are missing it greatly. We even have a snazzy RV, but that’s in storage until we’re allowed out of our cages again. Gah! And thank you for giving Just One Tear a whirl. 🙂


    1. Thank you Aymee! We have to get you on the road and get some adventures under your belt. 🙂 We love traveling and are fortunate enough to get to do a great deal of it. Thanks for stopping by!


  1. Marianne

    Wandering is an amazing way to travel… I’ve not had a “real” vacation since before my daughter was born (she’s 21 y.o.). I kind of feel like it might be time… lol.

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    1. I kind of feel it might be time for you to get in a vacay, too! lol At least a staycation until we can travel more extensively. Where would you love to go if the sky was the limit?


    1. Next time I’m in your neck of the woods, I’m going to message you and take you to coffee or lunch or something! My hubby was amazed at how much had changed there in 30 years. We were on a list to get a brick from his old barracks but that never materialized so not sure what happened there, but we’ll be back to visit again and maybe we’ll fare better on the brick then. Is your son still active duty?


  2. There’s something about the ocean that makes you feel alive, isn’t there, Dixie? I’m glad you got to recharge your batteries by the sea before all this happened. Hang in there, you’ll get to do it again!
    In the meantime, I’ll send lots of beachy morning walk vibes your way.


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