The Love Language

Good morning, y’all! I’m running late again this week. Seems to be my norm lately. I’m not sure if it’s that I have too many irons in the fire or I’m just distracted. Maybe both? I digress! Onward. This week’s topic of discussion for the Wednesday Weekly Blogger Challenge sponsored by Long and Short Reviews is…a hobby or project inspired by a book.

I have quite a few hobbies, probably too many by some standards, but none of them have been inspired by a book. Our projects right now are mostly home remodeling type, and none of those were inspired by a book, either. However, something struck me in a way that made me want to learn more once.

I can’t remember the title of the book, probably because what I wanted to know more about interested me more than the actual story. The love language of flowers. I was enthralled by the way this florist in the story would ask several questions of his customers before making a bouquet, all the while using the answers to determine which flowers would best convey the sender’s true to heart message. I’ve researched quite a bit since then about the language of flowers, and especially how they were used in the Victorian era, particularly how they pertain to the unspoken love language. I love to read historical romance, so this little research venture kind of plays into that. I’ve also, on occasion used a flower message in one of my own works, because I think it’s that cool.

Short and sweet today! I’m preparing for my release party later on today celebrating Just One Tear in my Facebook group Sweet Tea Mafia. It starts at 6 pm EST. Come join us if you can!

7 thoughts on “The Love Language

  1. Oh, good one, Dixie! While I think the language of flowers is absolutely wonderful, I’m kind of glad it’s a bit passe now because I’d be forever stuffing up and giving people completely the wrong message when I was just trying to be nice!


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