The Things I Hold Dear

Good morning, y’all! Welcome to Wednesday and the Weekly Blog Challenge sponsored by the fine folks over at Long and Short Reviews. This week’s topic: things I collect.

So, honesty time here. I absolutely hate trinkets. I don’t know where this loathe for trinkety things originated but I think it happened sometime between moves two and four when I figured out hauling around a bunch of trinkets was a pain in the ass. Not to mention, I’m a little more than average obsessed with a clean house.

Trinkets collect dust. I hate to dust. Ergo, I hate trinkets.

That looks about right with where the loathe for trinkets came from.

No offense to anyone out there who has trinkets. Each to their own, they’re just not my bag.

You might be asking what my definition of trinkets is at this point. In my world a trinket is a small token representing a time one wishes to remember constructed of porcelain, blown glass, wood, bamboo, metal, plastic, or paper mâché. In other words, all those cutesy things we find on vacations that have the name of the place we were visiting emblazoned on them in gold. I had an aunt who collected thimbles. Another collected spoons. For my grandma, it was plates. A cousin collects shot glasses. (How many shot glasses does one need? If you’re not tossing back tequila with them, what good are they?)

Now you know what half my family collects and nothing about what I might, other than it’s not trinkets.

I collect: knowledge, great books (I know, the dust thing, however, books are easier to run a duster over than a fragile trinket), my thoughts, memories, experiences, and close connections with exceptional friends.

I’ve learned over the years, after moving so often and some life-altering moments, stuff is just stuff. I like to be comfortable, yes, and have enough to say I am so. If I see something I love and want it, I buy it. My house is a bit eclectic that way. I have an aluminum rooster next to Jesus in my living room. But there are things I treasure much more than the stuff. And those treasures I mentioned above are priceless to me.

I’m taking over Brazenly Bookish all day today. Come on by for fun and games, book news and giveaways! And be sure to swing by Long and Short to find the other authors participating in this week’s challenge. You can even sign up and join in, if you’d be so inclined.

8 thoughts on “The Things I Hold Dear

  1. I can totally relate to this, Dixie. I have very few trinkets too. Of the few sets of things I did have, all of them have bits missing because they got lost in a house move. Books might get damaged in a removal (all our removalists HATED books with a passion) but they rarely get lost.


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