Digging Up Dirt

Good Wednesday morning, y’all! I must say, summer has been a whirlwind around here. I’ve been knee-deep in attending some online seminars, applying what I’ve learned, and getting ready for the launch of my October 1 release, Parallax.

This week, I’m hopping along with the LASR crew for the WWBC, and the question of the hour is: what topics do I never get tired of talking about. Before I get to my answer, please be sure to swing by the LASR site HERE for all the deets on how you can sign up to participate and for the links to all the other participating blogs this week.

Topics I never get tired of talking about…books obviously! I read them. I write them. I rescue them from old musty bookstores. But, I’m not all books all the time.

One word…genealogy. This is something that once you get started, you cannot quit. I swear it! A couple of years ago, with the help of my bestie, I self-appointed myself my family’s historian and collector of dirt. (And believe me there is PLENTY of dirt in my family tree. Shocking, scandalous dirt!) That being said, it has taken eighteen months and only last week I finally received word that I have been accepted into the annals of a prestigious genealogy society. It’s kind of a big deal. I won’t name it here because I try to keep that part of my life apart from my writing life, but suffice it to say there was confetti, cake, and dancing that day. I am now bona fide! Like I said, digging in the dirty secrets of one’s ancestors is 100% addictive. And, when I get someone pinned down who even gives me a shred of hope they will listen, I’m off to the races gabbing about all things genie.

I’m kind of obsessed with true crime docu-drama series and/or shows. I can’t get enough. Once I latch on to a new one, I’m off to the races digging up anything else I can possibly find about the current show I can’t let go of. Then I’ll talk someone’s ear off gabbing about what I found out.

I’m sure my hubby would tell you there are so many more, but I’ll leave it with these three for the day. What topics get y’all excited?

I mentioned Parallax earlier. The pre-order is now live. If you love romance suspense featuring a kick-ass heroine who can hold her own, you should totally check it out HERE.

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