Begin At the Beginning

“Begin at the beginning,” the King said, very gravely, “and go on till the end: then stop.”—Alice in Wonderland, Lewis Carroll

Friends, the beginning begins over a year ago, when hubby and I made the decision that we must leave our little piece of the Smoky Mountains behind and head westerly, ending in the Ozark Mountains. This is where my people are from since the 1800s (my next genealogy project entails the Missouri First Families Program) by way of North Carolina/Virginia and Kentucky/Tennessee. Census records and early American maps indicate the lines were blurred between these entities prior to the definitive division of the states, pre-Revolution. Let it suffice to say, my people carved out an existence in and along the Blue Ridge well before heading further and further west, ending in the Ozark Mountains. We traded one side of a mountain for another, as it were.

There were various reasons for hubby and I to pack up, pick up, and go and I won’t bore you with all the details of that today, but I am here to tell you this move has not been easy on us. First there was the purge of all the worldly goods to make the move more efficient and manageable. We still ended up filling three storage units and a shed. Then we moved into our trusty RV, which brought us from the West Coast to East some six years ago and has served as an interim home a time or two. And we proceeded to carve out a life of living in it on my parents’ property for over six months before we found a house we felt would serve us well. There were ups. There were downs. There was RV bathroom problems and a prowler issue, and a bear. And just when we got it all together, we bought that house.

We love our house. We really do! It’s an older, newly renovated rancher with a walk-out basement. A basement is a necessity here because of tornadoes, so I’m super stoked to have that little gem. We have a gorgeous deck and a gorgeous view. My library faces east, so in the mornings while sipping my tea I get the most amazing sunrise views ever. There are lots of trees and room for me to get my gardens and flower beds going again. We still have chickens. And the place came with a jungle gym all ready for all the grandkids, nieces, and nephews. But…

We’ve had some challenges. Mostly plumbing related. Today is day one for the rebuild crew who’s coming in to fix the teeny-weeny issue that about sent me running down the road naked screaming a few weeks ago. It’s actually not so teeny-weeny, but I’m trying this new-fangled thing called positive thinking, so teeny-weeny it is. The problem: a frozen water spigot in a room that I had all set up for my quilting but hadn’t opened the door to for a couple of weeks. When I did, I stepped in ice cold water. And, hello mold. So, yeah. I’ve been in my new home for all of four months and am having one room of my basement and possibly part of the adjoining room rebuilt. Yep. There have been challenges.

While the last year has been quite an adventure and challenge, and I haven’t had time to write a single word, it hasn’t stopped me from dreaming about the day when I’d have time to sit and write again. My muse has chatted it up a bit and notes have been taken, only to be filed away for another day. Friends, I believe that day has finally arrived! I finally don’t have something pressing on my schedule every single day of the week. Except for the basement catastrophe, the house is finally in one piece with things stowed where they belong, and I even put something on the wall the other day. The Last Supper is now on the wall above the buffet in the dining room. I found a spa, we found a new church home, and hubby is working diligently at his new job (I’m even used to his whack-a-doodle schedule!). I located the local chapter of a genealogy society that I belong to and have the meeting schedule on my calendar. Things are definitely falling into place. When I sat longer than a few minutes the other day and looked around, and breathed, I realized…wow! I have a block of time that I have no idea what to do with…Could it possibly be true? I can sit down without worry, poise myself at the keyboard, and…make words?

What a glorious day, friends! When I realized this was true and my new normal was stabilizing, I did a bit of research and found several writing groups about an hour away, a few local authors who I’m hoping might be interested in starting a group of our own, and the local library is ready for me donate a set of my current releases for the local author display shelf. So excited!

Is this the end? I don’t think so. Not by a long shot. In fact, it’s a new-old beginning. I have plenty to share with y’all about my new-old home and my new-old surroundings. I have stories to finish and new ones to start. And I’m not even close to being ready to stop.

Thanks for stopping by! Keep an eye out for some site updates and upcoming news. Drop me a comment and let me know how y’all have been during my hiatus.

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