Summer Can’t Wait

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I must confess. I had forgotten how quickly the weather can change in the Ozarks. I’d also forgotten how sometimes here nature skips a beat, or an entire season.

We’ve lived from one end of this country to the other and experienced all manner of weather, seasonal changes, temperatures, and growing seasons. Each and every time we’ve moved, I’ve had to adjust. I truly, truly, believed once hubby had retired and we’d settled in the Smokies my adjusting days were over, to an extent. I mean, life is a series of adjustments and compromises. However, to believe the major adjustments for me were over? I was wrong. Not only was I wrong, I find myself now in a season of life where I am adjusting to a new-old place. Which is so very odd. I should be used to the way things work around here since I was born and raised in the area. Right? Not so much.

Last summer when we first arrived and moved into our traveling fortress on wheels, AKA the RV, I had to adjust. We went from having well over 2000 square feet of living space (a combination of the main house and our carriage house), to being back in well below 400 square feet. It sounded pretty easy. I mean, we’d done it before. We lived in the traveling fortress on wheels in Portland, Oregon for six months then traveled across country in it to our next duty station. I learned last summer, I am definitely not a tiny home person in spite of my best efforts and thinking I might be for some time. I am not and never will be. I like my space. I like my comfort items. And I definitely like my washer and dryer. I also had to adjust to living right next door to my parents after having lived at least 1200 miles away, at least at any given time, from any family at all for the better part of twenty-five years. I love my parents and my family, but see above…I like my space. Then there was the realization that Ozarks weather is still a tricky beast. An RV is not where I want to be ever during a storm of any kind.

Summer waned and fall arrived. We were still in the fortress. I was still marching laundry up and down the hill to my parents’ house. We did get the chickens set up in style on the smallish flat space next to us and the weather finally cooled off. (Ozarks heat is unlike any other. It’s icky!) We’d set up a shed to get a bit more of our goodies out of storage and I was adjusting. I guess. Adjusting, I learned right about then, is subjective. During major life changes, adjusting is subject to comfort level. I was relatively comfortable. I guess.

Winter wrought the limit of how much adjusting I am capable of. I’d forgotten how finicky RVs are in the winter. The propane driven heat causes condensation and a humidifier must be run all winter long to prevent the thing from turning into a drippy cave type situation. And dumping tanks become tiresome in the cold and snow. And have y’all noticed the price of fuel? Yeah. Propane was already outrageous last winter and we had to take our tanks in every couple of days to refill because we couldn’t get anyone here to place us a small tank that they’d come and fill once a week. We had that service in Portland and it made winter a lot more tolerable.

So, yes, my patience ran thin and after much crying and cussing on my part, we began to look for a house. Mission accomplished well before Christmas, and we closed at the beginning of the year. And remember a couple paragraphs back? How we went from well over 2000 square feet to 400? And I decided I wasn’t a tiny home person? Uh. Yeah. I kind of swung back like a giant pendulum and did the exact opposite of tiny home and well exceeded the last house’s size. We now are the proud owners of almost 4000 square feet. I love my space. I love my comfort items. And I love my new-fangled washer and dryer.

The chickens and furbabies love our new place, too. They’re all happy and successfully adjusted. I’m getting flowers growing and gardens set back up. I’m making plans for painting some of the plain white walls. The delivery drivers all know me by name, practically, just as my delivery drivers did in the Smokies. Life is great!

A couple of weeks ago, spring came and I was elated! Adjusting was happening! Then yesterday…summer decided it can’t wait. She came in and completely bumped spring off the season leaderboard and today I got a taste of what August would normally bring here. Ick! It’s only May, summer, only May. How many weeks until fall?

Moral to the story? You can go home. I didn’t really believe that, but it appears it is truly true. But what should be old-hat around “home” very often is completely new again. After traveling so much, I’m learning to look at my old world through new eyes and find beauty and goodness here in places and things I didn’t notice before. I’ll be sharing some of things I’m seeing through new eyes with y’all now and again.

This adjustment? It’s kind of the best of both worlds. The familiar meets the unfamiliar. And the adjusting continues. Because life? It’s a series of adjustments and compromises, and I’m learning to do both with a little more grace these days.

What’s the weather like where you are? Are you still experiencing spring or has summer taken over already?

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