Positivity Breeds Positivity

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“Your whole life is a manifestation of the thoughts that go on in your head.” Lisa Nichols

I am currently reading The Secret by Rhonda Byrne. It’s a pseudoscientific, new-age type book based on the law of attraction. The law of attraction is a philosophy suggesting that positive thoughts bring positive results into a person’s life, while negative thoughts bring negative outcomes. I know, I know. What’s a women’s fiction/romance writer doing over here reading outside her genre, and pseudoscientific, new-age stuff at that? Something you’ll learn about me is that I have a wide range of tastes when it comes to reading. I’m not genre specific and I love to read for all sorts of reasons. I love to read to escape, to be entertained, to learn, to grow, and the list goes on.

Something snapped and clicked with me a few weeks ago. I was talking to a new acquaintance about how I desired to see my surroundings here not as the child and young adult who grew up and lived here long ago and far away, but as the adult who’s come home with fresh eyes and perspective.

I suppose for a select few, it’s easy going home. For me, it has been a struggle. It’s not that I don’t love my family or want to be around them. I do. In fact, my family held a strong sway over our decision to be here. I needed to be here for them. Family takes precedence. But this place, it holds some pretty gnarly memories for me and I found myself sinking into a pit of negative thinking, acting, and talking to myself. None of that was helpful. After an emergency room visit spurned by stress related stuff and a follow-up with my new doctor to get my ship back in deeper water, I decided the time for negative thoughts, actions, and words was over. It was time to look at this place not so much as the old place with so many gnarly memories but as a new place that was a blank slate, just like any other place we ever moved to for the very first time. I began asking questions like, what secrets and wonders does this place hold for me now that I didn’t see before? What positive things can I focus on to steer myself from the negative? What new people are here for me to meet?

All that began a quest of sorts for me. It’s what reset my focus on things I know I need to do for myself in order to maintain a healthy balance. It’s what set me to reading books such as The Success Principles by Jack Canfield, Radical Hope by Kelly Turner, and now The Secret by Rhonda Byrne. I wanted to learn more and find some fresh perspective on positive thinking and healthy living, and how to allow those things to help me succeed in all areas of my life. I wanted to find some new tools to help me in my adjustment period. So far, I have been more focused and organized than I have been in a while. I’m getting things done! And, I’m beginning to discover things about this old-new home that I wouldn’t have otherwise by staying focused on what I didn’t like about being here. I’m meeting lots of new people and making new acquaintances. I wouldn’t really say I’ve made that special friend here yet that I could call night or day, meet for coffee on a whim, or have lunch with; someone who shares some of the same interests as me. But I’m working on it! I have feelers out and new activities on the horizon to include a newly forming author’s group I’ve joined in the next county over. In short, I’m working on finding my tribe.

This morning I was out and about pretty early doing my shopping in a howling thunderstorm. I found myself smiling at every person I could get to make direct eye contact with me and bidding them good morning. I got a few smiles back and even more looks of surprise. It would seem the whole world has to some degree fallen into the same pit of negativity I found myself swimming in before the emergency room visit and people are just plain shocked when they run across something or someone positive and upbeat. And, honestly, I think we can all understand that feeling and why it’s so widespread right now. But during the course of my little outing, I found myself pondering some of the passages I read this morning from The Secret before striking out, and thinking about the law of attraction and asking myself some more questions…what if everyone realized the power of the law of attraction and decided to be a magnet for positivity? What if even one of the people I smiled at or bid good morning decided to greet even the next three people they encountered the same way? What if…

In the middle of all those thoughts, I realized I was walking down the middle of a parking lot in the pouring rain complete with thunder and lightning, pushing a metal shopping cart and hanging onto my metal handled umbrella. And a new thought occurred to me…if the law of attraction applies to all things, I’m kind of a walking lightning rod right now. And then I thought, meh…I was born and raised here. This little storm isn’t anything. I remembered in a flash brighter than the lightning around me how much I used to enjoy the spring thunderstorms and all they brought…the thunder, the lightning, the rain, the wind. Those things grounded me then and they ground me now. They let me know I’m alive and the world around me is, too. And the world around me is a lot bigger than I am. Nature is powerful and has a way of making one feel quite small yet still a part of the whole.

Want to know something else? I loved to write on those days then and, apparently, I still do now because I’ve been sitting at this keyboard since returning from my outing and getting everything put away and a turkey put in the oven (the turkey is another story for another day). Just like that, the power of positive thinking allowed me to remember a positive experience from living here long ago and far away that helped me negate a bit of the gnarly. The law of attraction is real, my friends. Positive in, positive out. Try it. I promise, you have absolutely nothing to lose and everything to gain. What’s everyone else reading these days? Drop me some recommends in the comments!

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